Gestational Diabetes Question

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rk - January 14

I've been diagnosted with gestational diabetes and wondering if anyone else has lost weight? I'm concerned that I'm losing weight because I've been eating differently. Before I was diagnosted I gained about 20 lbs and I've lost about 5 now. I'm pet_te and was slim before I got pregnant. Does anyone have any advice? Oh I'm 32 weeks. Thanks!


Tess - January 19

Hi rk! How much was your pre-pregnancy weight? Reason I ask is....I was 183 lbs ppw and Im 23 wks pg and so far Ive only gained 6-7 lbs w/ this pregnancy. (my 1st) Im doin my 3hr glucose test next friday to make sure everything is okay. Ive done both 2 test b4, the 1 hr and the 3 hr but I insisted that I'll do it again to make sure....goodluck!


rk - January 19

I was 108 ppw I'm 5'1 (short!) and weighed about 128 when I had the 3 hour done. I've lost about 7 pounds so far since I've been eating differently. But the baby's still gaining so I guess it's ok. Good luck to you too!


kristenk0329 - January 22

Hi, I was also diagnosed with diabetes recently and have already lost 6 pounds since changing my diet. My doctor said this is completely normal and you will lose weight in the beginning. You just have to make sure you are still getting enough food, the right vitamins, etc.


karen - January 25

I'm curious--are you losing weight because you've cut out sugar? What other changes have you made to your diet? Are you also cutting out carbs like bread, pasta & rice? I have the glucose test next week and am a little nervous because I know I have been eating too much sugar. For some reason I just can't get enough of it, but definitely if my glucose numbers are too high, that's the end of that. :)


kristenk0329 - January 25

I have mainly cut out all sweets and junk food. I only have 2 pieces of wheat bread a day and sometimes half a cup of rice at dinner. Everything else is pretty normal. I replaced snacks with fruits or yogurt. I think I am losing weight just from the lack of junk food. I heard when one eats every 3 hours it also speeds up their metabolism, which I am also doing. I check my sugar 5 times a day so I can see what foods cause mine to rise, its usually when I have something high in carbs like bread or pasta, but so far, 2 pieces of bread do me fine. Ive been craving sweets all week but reach for a sugar free pudding or banana instead of cakes like I used to. I also started walking each day, nothing too strenuous, just 15-30 minutes with the dog. They will probably also give you a hemoglobin test which measures how your sugars were for the last 4-6 weeks. My glucose test came back with 3 out of 5 abnormal readings, which diagnoses me as gestational diabetic. My hemoglobin test showed my sugars were on average, good all month. So don;t get too worried, diabetes can be common in pregnancy and it can be easily managed.


Stacey_E - February 15

I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I am taking glyburide and have had to change my diet. I have to check my sugar levels 4 times a day. I, too, have lost weight and was told so far I have gained 5 pounds. I am due April 20th. However, the baby is growing and I wasn't skinny before I got pregnant. I believe since the doctors are not worried about this, that things are progressing fine.


molly - March 13

I posted on another thread, but wanted to see if I could get some answers here, so I will post the same question again. I went to the doc today (28 weeks), had the glucose reading was a little high (160). My doc said anything over 140 qualifies you to come back for the 3 hour test, so I have to do that in a couple days. When you ladies that were diagnosed with GD had the 1hour test high was your reading? What happened with the 3 hour test?


kristenk0329 - March 13

They take a sample before you drink the stuff, then you drink t, and they fisrt started out by taking a sammple every 30 minutes, then an hour....i believe i had 6 samples taken in that 3 hour doctor said if you have at least 3 high readings, you are then cla__sified as diabetic...i had 3 high readings, but literally only a few points too he diagnosed me as gestational diabetic, but will probably not be insulin dependant...most people who have a glucose level over 120 after meals are considered numbers are always just under that mark, but occa__sionally spike up..normally after just to be safe, i have to basically live as a diabetic



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