Great Drink For Those Of You Who Hate Water

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HannahBaby - April 7

I've been noticing that alot of pregnant woman complain about the amount of water they have to drink because they hate plain water, and hate the artifical sweetener in flavored water. What i do is i fill up a pitcher with (bottled) water. Then i squeeze a full orange, full lemon, and full lime into the water (and throw a few of the rinds in there) It tastes like the flavored water that we love, and it is totally healthy and natural!! Hope this idea helps some of you ladies who hate plain ol' water


Ciera.Danielle - April 7

Hmm, I think I'll try that! Thanks for the tip!!


mandee25 - April 15

That sounds yummy! Maybe I should try that! TY


Evonna - April 16

I'll try that, sounds good...


nic - April 29

great idea!! i am gonna do it!!!


ChaycesMom - May 9

So hwat do you do if you hate water, drink it cause you have to, and get heartburn from it. That is my problem, I cant drink the flavored water, the ones made with real juice, they cause heartburn, but I cant drink reg water cause that gives me heartburn too


MyFirst - May 10

Is it heartburn or more of an acid reflux with/of the water? I have had this too. Try to take smaller sips at a time and remain sitting upright for an hour after drinking something. HannahBaby your idea is great...I have tried it too. Also if you slice up the friuts and throw em in the pitcher of water you get a great taste and it looks kind of pretty too.


jmcny - May 21

this is delicious..........i even add in ice cubes and a LITTLE TINY BIT of sugar. its still SOOOOOOOO healthy and no artificial sweetners. The real sugar is so miniminal its not a big deal. Of course its best w/o it but I love that little sweetness.


Samara - December 23

I love this water that is called Sa__sy water. You fill a pitcher w/ water & add 8. 5 CUPS WATER 1 TSP/ GRATED GINGER 1 MED. CUCUMBER 1 MEDIUM LEMON 12 SPEARMINT LEAVES


Samara - December 23

sorry I didn't realize that I wrote fill a pitcher of water & then add 8.5 cups of water. Brain fart- sorry


NB - March 11

Both of those sound great! I am gonna try them!



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