Haven T Been Taking PreNatal Pills Like I Am Suppose To

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Vanessa - December 20

I am i stupid or what??? this is my first i dont know what to do??


Anne - December 20

Simple. Take your prenatal vitamins. If you can't remember, get one of those day-of-the week pill packs.


Mellissa - December 24

Take prenatal vitamins. Your baby especially needs the folic acid in the first two months to prevent things like spina bifida (something that involves the baby's spine-not fun!) you also need the iron included because the baby leeches it from you and the vitamin C that's included with it to aid in the digestion of the iron. Oh, amongst all the other nutrients and vitamins found in there that you need.


Tiffany - January 9

You can get prenatal pills that are really easy to take and keep down at Wal-Mart. They're made by one source and it's a small pink pill. Very easy to swallow. I couldn't take the Px pills so my Dr. suggested these. He did tell me to drink a little extra milk because he would like for me to have more calcium they provide. (and they're cheap) You take 2 caplets once a day. Prenatal care is very important so set a certain time or meal to take them. When I was very sick to my stomache I would take them at night before I went to bed. Now that I am feeling better I take them with my first meal so I don't forget.


Nicole - January 27

Do I have to take prenantal pills? I'm 17 weeks along and they tend to make me sick.


Nicole - January 27

I'm 17 wks along and for some odd reason get sick after taking prenantal pills. Long story short, I stopped taking them awhile ago. Is this safe for our baby?


nonk - February 2

I think it's ok to stop taking prenatal vitamins for a while if it's making you sick, cos Prenatal is hard to digest. When I was about 9 weeks pregnant my dr told me to stop taking it since I had this bad morning sickness, but she did recommend me to take 800 mcg of folic acid everyday. Folic acid is really important for pregnant woman, and if you don't take any Prenatal make sure you eat lots of nutrisious food.


Concerned Lady - February 3

What are the side effects of taking Prenatal Vitamins.


nonk - February 3

I am not sure about it, but from the book that i read, and according to my dr, the prenatal might make some women feeling sicker and the morning sickness might get worse cos it's hard to digest..


Tracey - February 10

It's very important to take your Prenatals during your whole pregnancy. If you've forgotten several times, the good news is that you can just pick it back up! As far as them making you sick, I had the same problem early in pregnancy. My doc had me on a prescription and after getting sick, he suggested trying the Walgreens brand (which are also a LOT cheaper) and taking them at night, right before bed with a gla__s of milk. That did the trick and I was able to resume a normal prenatal schedule. It may be worth a try for anyone getting sick.


Tasha - February 17



stephanie - February 23

no your not stupid you just need to see a doctor.


k - February 24

with my first i didnt take prenatal vitamins, i was almost 3 months before i even knew i was pregnant and my baby was fine. im now pregnant again . found out i was pregnant at 9 weeks and am now taking my vitamins. as long as you are eating decent if u start taking them now and arnt past 12 weeks you should still be ok . folic acid is definately something the baby will need but fortunately its also in alot of natural foods that you might eat already . alot of ppl think just spinach :( but its in bananas , pinapple , alot of REAL juices would contain it . but certainly start to take them now. its the best bet for giving your baby the healthiest start, and NO you arnt stupid.... the first pregnancy for me seemed like a guessing game like a was clueless , i spoke to my doctor and read a book t_tles " the pregnancy bible " i suggest it to EVERYONE


Mikkie - February 27

What are the side efffects of prenatal vitamins


Mikki - February 27

what are the side effects of prenatal pills?


Nancy - March 3

Has anybody replaced the prenatal vitamins with the Flinstone vitamins? Does the baby get the equal amount of nutrience?


Kelly - March 10

I KNOW I am not getting enough veggies and fruit and good stuff in my diet each day so that is what my incentive is to take that pre-natal vitamin. I have always had a hard time remember taking pills but I know that it giving the baby all the vitamins that I don't get. I don't think Jelly Beans have much nutritional value ;)



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