Haven T Been Taking PreNatal Pills Like I Am Suppose To

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Kelly - March 10

I KNOW I am not getting enough veggies and fruit and good stuff in my diet each day so that is what my incentive is to take that pre-natal vitamin. I have always had a hard time remember taking pills but I know that it giving the baby all the vitamins that I don't get. I don't think Jelly Beans have much nutritional value ;)


kp - March 14

prenatal vitamins are suppose to prevent birth defects and make the baby healthy, but i didn't take them with either of my kids because they made me sick and i had pefectly healthy babies. but that's just me. you should take them just in case.


audrey - March 15

i am almost 5 months and i don't take vitamins. i know i should but i just hate the after taste. just thinken about the pill gets me sick. i know that it's not doing any good i just don't know what to do.


Missy - March 15

I don't always remember to take my pills either. But I will say for those of you who don't like the taste or aftertaste, ask your Dr for Natelle - they are sugar coated so they don't have a bad taste and they don't upset my already sensitive stomach. Congrats to all of you!!!!


Christina - March 28

For those that cant take prenatals (I know that they make me sick too) my midwife told me to take childrens vitamins you can get gummy bear vitamins at costco for 10$$ and there good too. I also take a calium supplement because thats imprtant for strong bones for you and the baby.


becky - March 28

look i dont no much bout these prenatal pills but i do no u need em so if u want u'r baby to service take the pills 4 god sake. wats the proplem?!? u no u need em so take em!!!


Gem - April 11

I haven't been taking my prenantal vitamins....i stopped at about 5 months pregnant....It's SAFER to take the pills but i so think that eating is also giving your baby what it needs.... Food gives us energy as well as the babies... but my doctor told me to take the children's vitamins cause it's much much easier.... but i just reasure myself by eating alot of fruits and drinking 3 gla__ses of milk everyday.... baby is in need of strong bones....


Machelle - July 9

I took the Prenatal Vitamin for two weeks and was sick everyday that I took it, so I stopped. This is my first pregnancy and I want to do what is best for my baby and try not to be selfish, because my baby's health is more important than me feeling sick, so I decided to take the prenatal vitamins at night before I got to bed. I have to put myself second to my little Fetus that is growing and needing all those vitamins. I am only 7 weeks and have a long way to go, but I think it will eventually get better. Maybe I will switch to the Wal-mart kind. Good luck to all.


lbw - July 11

I was feeling so sick after taking prenatal pills that my doctor told me to take them whenever I can. Mind you, I have been on them for 1.5 years, since that;s how long we had been trying. My doctor (who is very conservative), told me it is better to feel better than to try and cram the pills down my throat. So, I started to tak the pills every other day. It helps.


bg - July 15

Tiffany - I take the walmart one source vitamins also and did not know you are supposed to take 2 per day. I've only been taking one a day. Are yours reddish in color? I'm freaking out here. I hope I am not skimping.. ????


Jessica - July 16

Im not pregnant, nor trying to be but, my hairdresser said that by taking prenatal pills my hair will grow quicker, which is true, but is that safe????


Lisa - July 19

This is for Jessica. Taking prenatal pills will not help your hair grow faster. What does that and helps your nails grow faster is something with a type of hormone that is inside a pregnant woman. So the pills help other things but have nothing to do with growing hair and nails. Your hair dresser probably thought maybe while she or someone else was pregnant that is what helps.


Nichole - July 27

I started taking mine right before I go to bed, as I also bring a gla__s of water to bed so if I get thirsty through the night, for me taking my prenatal vitamin right before I go to bed helps me remember to take it every night and eliminates that sicky feeling...


gontle - August 3

Does your stomach get smaller when you are pregnant!! I tend to never go hungry much is this normal!!


bee - August 11

My OB doesn't even recommend them. He says the drug companies would love all preg women to take them, but a regular multivitamin is just as good. Also the iron in the prenatal ones make lots of women sick.


c - August 26

Not everyone is the same. I'm slightly anemic so I need the extra iron. Also I found when I took them at night I felt less nauseous not taking them in the morning.



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