Haven T Been Taking PreNatal Pills Like I Am Suppose To

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c - August 26

Not everyone is the same. I'm slightly anemic so I need the extra iron. Also I found when I took them at night I felt less nauseous not taking them in the morning.


jan - September 21

im lookin for pills to have baby


Lisa - September 21

Prenatals are some what like a Multi-Vitamin they just have the folic acid which is extra and may be a couple others as well as higher doses of certain viamins and minerals to make sure you get the right amount as the baby takes this from your body.. if you can take them I suggest you do. I take the Natalle-eze as well and I have not had any side effects and they are coated so they dont taste gross.


A - September 27

can you buy one source from walmart without a prescription or do you need another prescription to get those?


Tina - September 28

good question hun i have the same question bc i forget mine sometimes too


vijay - September 30

i am feeling nausus and i been throwin up most of the time, my b___st are swollen my nipple herts and i think is changin colors is weird..also i get headaches and short of breathing and i feel really full when i dont even eat alot and i get cramps in my legs..and i tend to have a lot of gas(burping) and my stomach feel like i have cramps but it isnt really bad also my back herts and my belly alwayz herting like its sensitive or something..and some times i even get heart burn,,,ive takin 2 home preg test and it came out negative but to tell you the truth i feel pregnate ..what do u think please helpl me...im thinking of going to get a preg test...9/30/05


Lisa - October 12

Are any of you mature enough to have a child ? If you can't, either can't remember or can't stomach, taking prenatal vitamins. And no Flintstones are NOT equivalent to prenatals.


Lucy - October 13

I'd just like to point out though that it is mainly a US thing to prescribe prenatal. Here in Britain, they only advise folic acid. The US pharmaceutical industry is a lot more organized about getting doctors on board with their agenda...


Girah - October 15

I am drinking my prenatal pill, should I drink extra folic acid pills? I need help!


sharmain - October 18

hello everyone, i'm 4 weeks pregnant and have just started taking the prenatal vitamins. mine, i bought from pharmasave drug store, it has folic acid and an added mineral called selenium. It is very good , it has no taste whatsoever , no artificial flavour, gluten or yeast . easy to swallow and they were cheap. this was recomended by my doctor. it doesn't make me feel sick either, i take them at night before going bed. try it girls. no prescription needed to get them.


Vanessa - October 22

Do you have an evening routine? For example, I dont' have a morning routine because I'm crazed every morning. But at night, (Every night) I wash my face and brush my teeth before bed) I also take my prenatal vitamin at this time too. I used to take my birth control, but switched over to the prenatals when my doctor told me to. It makes it much easier. Perhaps you have an afternoon routine - do you take lunch everyday at the same time? Do you have a morning OJ or Tea at the same time? Pick sometime that is already a routine for you. It's in the best interest of your baby. Also, try to drink a littel V8. Best of luck!


Bohnwin - October 22

To all, prenatal vitamins are a good thing because it protects your own body. By this, I mean that your baby is going to take whatever it wants whenever it wants from your body. The prenatal vitamins are meant to replace whatever your baby takes. If you've ever heard of women who get alot of cavities while pregnant, it is most likely because their babies sucked the calcium right out of their teeth. The prenatals are there to replace that. My daughter sucked alot of pota__sium out of me. If I didn't eat 3 or 4 bananas a day on top of my prenatals, I would get muscle cramps in my legs (and for those of you who are skeptical, I am a lab tech, and my serum pota__sium levels fell from 3.6 to 2.0 mmol/ml during my 6th month of pregnancy.) My point is that your baby will get whatever he/she needs. It's your body that will suffer.


geri - October 24

my prenatals make me really sick so i only take 1/2 of what i am supposed to take...most people in the world don't have prenatals and most people 50 yrs ago did not have them and we all turned out fine :)


Karrissa - October 25

Take your prenatal pills. Try different one's until you find the one pill right for you. I took Prenate. They were great. No side effects. I still take them, and my baby is 5 months old. I am healthy and so is she. I feel it is because I took the pills. Ask for samples at your doctors office.


Monica - March 13

I am 17weeks and i dont take them because the make me sick and then i stop eating because of the feeling.


newmom24 - March 16

I too stopped taking my prenatals at the start of my pregnancy. I was so sick, that the pills were increasing the sickness.I am 32 weeks, and have been taking Folic Acid daily as my only supplement. I eat extremely healhty, and the doc says that our babe is growing well and everything looks excellent. Doctors recommend a prenatal just because our bodies cannot absorb all of the nutrients from food. Look at it as extra insurance. I personally just cannot handle them on my system. I have tried so many.



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