Health Nut Freaking Out Over Huge Weight Gain

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Kel - April 6

I had my 16 week appt today and I'v gained almost 20 pound. The funny part is I don't look like I've gained that much. My family and coworkers can not believe it. I am 5'7 and prepreg weight ranged from 141-144 and athletic. I always worked out 6 days a week for about an hour and I currently work out 5-6 days a week (not as intense). I eat healthy and I don't over indulge in junk food. I'm really confused and worried how heavy I will get and how difficult it may to lose the weight. ANy advice? Also, twins run in my family and I'm wonderfing if by a long shot this could explain the rapid gai


KellyB - April 6

Could be twins, but everyone gains weight differently and randomly! I am 5'6 and was 125lb, very athletic, slim and was all "low carb" before being pregnant. I have gained 17 lbs and eat carbs galore. And like you, people can't believe it "where is all your weight?" In my b___t! Don't stress out too much. If your active before your pregnancy it will be easier for you to work off the weight after because your body is used to it, I have read lots of studies on that and know lots of friends who this has happend to. One of my girlfriends gained 60 lbs! I look at her pictures after she had the baby one month ago and she looks great! If my doc says I am right on track I try not to worry about it.


Kel - April 6

KellyB Thanks so much. You're right in regard to it being easier to lose the weight if you were active before becoming pregnant. Kelly, how far along are you? Thank again for your feedback. :) Much luck to you!


KellyB - April 7

I will be 23 weeks on Saturday. Not really showing yet except my b___t and thighes,like they weren't big enough before! I just keep telling myself, once that baby comes we'll go for walks and I will keep moving. Even right now I am pretty active still coming home and doing laundry, cleaning, putting things away. I plan to go out for a light bike ride this weekend or take the dog for a hike, now the weather is nice. For a while I just felt fat because it was snowy and I couldn't get out and be active. One good thing is my weight gain has been steady, not like BAM, so I keep telling myself I am on track and the baby is getting bigger too. I just want my belly to show it! Best of luck to you too! Where do you live?


Kel - April 7

Kel B, I totally understand what it's like to gain weight in the b___t and thighs. If I gain weight it goes there. So far, I seems like I've only gained a little in those two lovely places. I'm trying to say think the same thing that once the baby comes I will be active. As mentioned, I still am active; working out 5-6 days a week.I really feel like i'm proof that no matter what, weight gain will happen during pregnancy. By the way, I'm from MA. How about you?


KellyB - April 8

I am in NJ, right near the NY State line. I had a doctor's appointment last night and things are right on track, which alwys makes me feel good to hear. Is this your first? This is mine. My husband has twins in his family as well but we're just having one little girl! (or so we think it's a girl!)



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