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Christine - September 13

I need some serious help!! I'm 32 weeks and already have gained there anything you guys can suggest I do to stop this from getting anyworse. My legs are HUGE!!! Anyone else feel the same way?


tamara - December 14

with my son i gained 65 lbs and started at about 110 lbs but he was healthy at 7 lbs and for the first time in my life i ate anything i wanted it was wonderful not having to impress anyone but me


JennyC - December 20

I'm 27 weeks and have already gained 33 pounds, so I think I might know how you feel very soon! What does your doctor say? I keep hearing that if you just eat relatively healthy, your body will know how much weight to put on. And if you b___stfeed, I think its really supposed to help you lose it afterward. I think you should just enjoy the time you have left in your pregnancy and not worry too much about the weight right now.


angee - December 20

it's never too late to exercise.---you wont lose weight, but at least you'll tone up a little. -----I'm on 7 weeks along, but have always worked on my thighs and b___t and will definitely continue.---I dont want them getting too soft! :)


M - December 20

I'm 22 weeks and have gained about 30lbs, and I started at a slightly higher than normal weight---I'm very short...I know this is way too much weight. I exercize for at least 1hr a day (walking or biking) but I just keep gaining!! I'm trying to eat less but I don't want to cut down too much. At this rate I'll have gained 50lbs before this baby comes! (It's my first)


Bonnie - December 22

I'm 24 weeks and 19 lbs up. I've been eating small meals but many times a day. And a lot of fruit.


just wondering... - December 29

I'm just curious as to how many calories everyone is eating a day (be honest).


Em - December 31

Hi guys, I don't know how many calories I'm eating, because I don't count them, but one thing for sure: I don't restrict my calories either. I eat a lot, more than my husband, and yes, I am putting on weight, but not too much. The reason is that I eat very healthy, mostly fruit and veg, with starchy carbs for breakfast. I think it is extremely irresponsible just to eat whatever you want, not only because you'll find it hard to lose after your child is born, but also, more importantly, do you want to feed your baby on all that unhealthy c___p you are eating, full of preservatives, artificial ingredients? - since that's essentially what you are doing...As far as I'm concerned, I cheat very rarely and I do that for the sake of my unborn child!


Stacy - January 16

With my first pregnancy I gained 55-60 pounds, lost almost all of it except for 5-10 pounds by diet and exercise. It makes you so miserable to have that much weight on you. This second time around my son is 22 months old and I m 24 weeks along I have gained 19 pounds. The difference is because I cut back on sugars ,pastas,breads,and chocolate. I drink just a couple of gla__ses of milk a day the rest water,where with my first pregnancy I drank about 6 gla__ses or more of milk a day,and milk is fattening.



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