Help Morning Sickness Turned Off Healthy Food

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byanka - May 9

I have had morning sickness (all day), since 6 weeks (I am now 8wks). Usually I love to eat very healthy. Lots of Vegies, low fat etc. Since feeling sick, I have been turned off a lot of food. Eating most Vegies makes me queasy (even just thinking about eating them), as well as meat/chicken, along with a lot of other foods I normally really enjoy. And I have been craving salty or sweet foods, and high carb foods like pasta and hot chips (oven baked of course). I can eat unlimited chicken noodle soup, but this doesn’t fill me up. All day I am hungry, which makes me queasy. But I never know what I feel like eating. I can’t even look at recipe books any more (one of my favourite past-times), because looking at a lot of the food makes me feel sick. My husband says it must all be in my head. I take multi vitamins to try and compensate. I hate craving ‘unhealthy’ food, and not being able to eat good food. Does anyone have any advice, or been in a similar situation?


sandra-c - May 10

I have always had problems trying to maintain my weight and I always ate healthy low fat foods. However, I am now just over 9 weeks and I have sickness and nausea all day and night. It doesnt matter what I eat or dont eat it never goes. I have gone off all my favourite foods. The only things I seem to eat at the moment are cereal, fruit and dry crackers. Its the HCG levels in your body making you feel like this and hopefully will settle around 12 weeks. I cannot wait for that day. My doctor told me that its important NOT to worry about healthy eating at this minute but to make sure I can eat something - no matter if unhealthy or not, there will be time once the sickness goes to change eating patterns. Try and eat small snacks often rather than full meals. Its typical of you hubby to say that - men just dont understand do they? There are natural remedies for the sickness which I may try if things dont improve soon. I am unkeen on any meds from the doctor. I hope you feel better soon x


Erynn21 - May 10

I didn't have morning sickness, but I didn't really want to eat much, either. If you're liking pasta and such eat it, and what your husband said is b.s. I couldn't look at a cookbook until about 13 wks. cooking just sounded kinda gross, my husband and I subsisted on frozen pizza about 2-3 times a weeks. that was the only thing that really sounded good, oh and carrots, I had a weird thing with carrots At 13wks.(almost to the day) I woke up and was really hungry for good food I made risotto and eggplant parm my husband came home and was like the music's on and you're cooking you must be feeling better and he was right I did feel better, and I never felt really bad. Good luck.


byanka - May 10

Thank you so much. It's nice to know there are others going through the same thing.....Bianca



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