Help I Just Had Some Alfalfa Sprouts

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jen - April 22

I know this is one of the food to not eat but I had half a sandwich with alfalfa sprouts and didn't released it . I'm now paranoid. Will this hurt my baby? Please help.


Whitney - April 22

Whya re they bad for you? I have never heard this before ... I eat them all the time & I'm 29 weeks, baby's fine so far.


Whitney - April 22

C___p ... I just looked up alfalfa sprouts on the internet & it says you totally shouldn't eat them while pregnant. I'm going to stop right away, not to sure how bad they are, but every site says to avoid them.


rb - April 25

hi - apparently they can harbour e-coli or salmonella or something - i had some too - but i'm not going to anymore - which sucks because i was craving them :(


me too :-) - May 19

LOL Me too. I just got back from a restaurant where I accidentally ate half a sandwich with sprouts on it. So of course I freaked out and googled 'pregnancy sprouts' and this was the first link that came up. I think we're fine (seems like a potentially serious but rare issue). But isn't it fun knowing that everything you eat, drink, or do can be potentially serious for the baby. Not my favourite part of pregnancy :-)


Mimi - May 21

They are not great to eat while pregnant or with a low immune system. But 1/2 a sandwich, I wouldn't worry about it. It's done and over with, just don't eat the sprouts again, till after birth.


Tovelen - May 21

Iwork for a sprout stand, and I'm 4 weeks pregnant. My co worker have 3 children, and she ate the whole time she was pregnant... And her kids are I'm eathing it too.... We also have a lot of pregnant customers....


Gramma - December 5

There are concerns about compromised immune systems in pregnant women. There are concerns about fecal contamination of much of our produce, especially that which is eaten fresh. But fresh and raw produce is vital for our health, and for the health of our babies. The everything-you-do-is-bad-for-your-baby syndrome is probably the most dangerous thing of all. Guilt is not a good thing for you, your baby or your family. It is important that pregnant women be clean. It is important that food handlers, and food preparation surfaces be clean. If you grow your own sprouts, wash your hands with soap and water. Wash your sprouter carefully before use. Rinse your seeds, rinse your sprouts 2x daily, sprout in a cool location, keep sprouts for a few days after sprouting in a refrigerator. Eat them while they are fresh and clean. Compost any sprouts you don't eat within a few days. Don't eat the leaves on bean sprouts. We all have challenges with clean food, clean air, clean water, etc. So we do what we can to clean up and do right, and we get on with life and all of its challenges ad joys. Nourish yourself and your family with as much clean and fresh produce as you can. Clean sprouts can be a part of your plan. (Look up broccoli sprouts on the internet, and you will see that U. Saskatchewan has found life-long benefits for children of sprout-eaters.) Eat a variety of whole grains. Drink lots of clean fresh water. Exercise in the freshest cleanest air you can find. Enjoy the sunlight (at least 15 min. a day) when you can. Get adequate rest. Do all things (like work, eat, drink, rest) in moderation. Trust in your Life Source to give you, your children, and your family all that you need to accomplish great things. Laugh a lot and love each other. Do the best you can. Look at life and get on with it, challenges and all. Love, Gramma



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