Help Prenatals And Omega 3s That Are Gentle On Stomach

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c0c0 - January 2

I'm having a variety of stomach issues and I think my prenatal vitamins are making it worse. I've stopped taking my Omega-3 supplements because burping up fish was making me too nauseous. Has anyone found supplements that are really gentle on the tummy? Thanks for any advice!


Monique2008 - January 30

I would like to know the answer to this question also. I have tried prenatal vitamins and just Flintstone vitamins and they all make my stomatch hurt. The crazy part is none of my family believes me. My mother thinks that it is just my imagination and I am over reacting. The pain in my stomatch isn't unbearable but I still don't want to feel it everyday. Please let me know if you can sugguest any that is easy on the stomatch.


sabrinasmom - February 3

c0c0 and Monique2008 -you may want to try GNC's brand of Fish Oil Supplements. I'm not pregnant but I have acid reflux disease and I do take Omega-3 on a regular basis and I find those to not be as harsh on my tummy and they are really purified and lemon flavored to control fishy burps...good luck to both of you


lulusmama - February 25

I had the same problem. My OB reccommended Women's One A Day prenatals- pink and purple box, with 2 different pills. I was soo nauseated my first trimester... if I ate them on an empty stomach, I would get a sore stomach and throw up. Even after breakfast wasnt working. I started taking them at night, after a full day of eating and had no more problems. Also, a midwife told me the calcium you take can make you feel drowsy, so it's better to take them in the evening anyways. good luck!


bloomen - March 17

This is not a commercial, so please don't take it that way. However, we did formulate the bloomen nutrition chewable prenatals with the omega-3's in chew that won't give you the fish burps. It may be another option if you can't swallow the fish oils.



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