Herbal Teas

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Glynise - September 28

Is it safe to drink herbal tea when pregnant? Just regular cammomile, mint or chai that you buy at the grocery store.


myra - November 10

Don't know - I want to know the answer as well. I have heard about rasberry tea being good but would like to know what is safe and what is not myself.


Audrey - November 11

There are a number of herbs that one should not consume in large amounts during pregnancy, so when buying herbal teas, check the ingredients. I have a list of over 30 herbs to avoid, including: angelica, comfrey, ginger root, ginseng, licorice, nutmeg, parsley, rhubarb, sage, sarsparilla.


Tammie Ailes - November 15

yes it is


estee - November 16

well, ginger is definitely ok to consume during pregnancy. it does miracles. not so good are teas which contain caffeine like chai and black tea. note that teas have way less caffeine than coffee. it is fine to drink that once in a while, just not on a regular basis. don't worry at all about chamomille, mint, etc. they are totally fine. i would suggest thou that you drink teas that actually support your body during pregnancy, like red raspberry leaf, stinging nettle, dandelion leaf & root, cardamom, anise. all hose are mixed together in yogy (brand) mother to be tea which you can get at health food stores. they also have teas to support lactation. hope this helps, best wishes to you, estee ps: these fact are also backed by my midwife who is a certified herbologist.


Gabi - November 17

What about Rooibostea???? just the friends told me its fantastic but Ive not asked my doc. about it yet.


estee - November 17

well, the rooibos tea i have is caffein free, so i think it's fine....


Louis - November 27

Check out this link for a full listing of herbs and possible effect on pregnancy http://www.parentsplace.com/expert/midwife/qas/0,,202891_100881,00.html We are expecting our second child and i m always checking out sites for info


kashi - November 28

the "i want to do you something good" post on here has some good info about herbs.


DC - December 3

be careful with the Red Raspberry Leaf tea....it is known to to help soften the cervix and aid in labor so though it's wonderful for that I wouldn't drink it unless you are near your due date. Note: I drank some the week before my due date, just like a cup a day, and my labor was only 1 hr and 45 mins total from first contraction. I can't tell if it was the tea or just me but every little bit helps!


kashi - December 3

no, red raspberry leaf tea is recommended by midwifes during the WHOLE pregnancy, not just close to your due date. it is even recommended after birth and during b___stfeeding...


Tiff - December 11

my baby book "what to exspect when your exspecting" says to naturly induce labor drink Raspberry tea. you can get it in the store next to all the other teas


Libby - January 9

Rooibos tea is healthy and caffeine free and perfect for pregnant women - it is the drink of choice of South African mothers-to-be.


kashi - January 9

raspberry leaf tea does NOT induce labor...


concerned - February 1

in terms of estee's answer to caffeine in teas...it is actually proven that teas (such as black) have more caffeine than coffee. any botany and health book store will tell you that tea leaves carry a large amount of caffeine. may want to ask again...


Raeanne - February 2

I just got done taking a prenatal nutrtion cla__s and cammomile tea and rasberry tea were both on the DO NOT drink list. She didn't say why but the nutrtionist said not to drink those teas. She said that the best tea to drink is green tea de caf if you have to have tea. I hope that helps.


dawna voss - February 10

What teas can I use to soothe stressed out moods.



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