How Can U Gain 80 Lbs While Pregnant

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mommainsep - August 23

i was really worried when i got pregnant. my mom had gained alot of weight when she was pregnant with me . and was unable to get most of it off .she gained about 60 lbs . she was really sick when she was pregnant with me to . this is my second pregnancy my first ended at just over 4 months :( and it took me about a month to go back to normal . this time im 35 weeks and i have gained about 25 lbs . and i wasnt that small before i was about 170 or 180 when it started but i wasnt a big girl by any means im taller than most. but i am finding it hard to get around and sometimes breath with the weight i have on now. i dont know how someone would be able to funciton with that much extra weight ???? i just hope i have as much luck as everyone else getting it off again


Louisa - August 26

Perhaps I'm going that way - gaining 9lb in at 11 weeks pregnant. I'll let you how close I am in 7.5 months time (tee hee!)


crystal - September 13

trust me it happens- i was 125lbs when i got pregnant (a normal wieght for me) and gained very little for the first 5 months (i was healthy) then in the last 4 months ballooned to 205lbs thats an 80 pound gain.. i never changed my eating habits i eat well there was no medical reason such as toxemia ... now 8 months after i am still at this weight.. diet and exercise are not helping yet... think it may be hormonal (i was on the birth control shot for a year and gained 60 lbs-the only time in my life i was heavier and when i stoped taking it i lost those 60lbs in a few months) so ???????


Christine - September 14

Sam, you sure you're not Heidi Klum or her personal trainer while pregnant? I'm sure we would all love to stay a size 6 throughout the pregnancy's not the case. I've heard some women dont gain some lose and some gain excessive. I've seen women eat for 2 and binge on 2 t-bones in a sitting. I'm surely not one of them. I'm nearly 6' tall and at 31 was very overweight (approx 270 #) and went on a very hi protein, carb restrictive diet and lost 100 pounds...taking just over a year to do so... I was in great shape, a great weight and fell pregnant for the first time. Perfect right? Maybe, but then I ended up losing the baby at 5 weeks. I went off my strict diet and cried in a few beers and pizzas and over the course of a nearly 2 months put on 13 pounds. Unbeknownst to me, I conceived about a week after miscarrying. Upon finding out I was pregnant, after the 13 pound gain, I eliminated poor eating habits and ate healthy. Not for 2, but I tried to maintain a decent diet (even for being ill most of the first 3 months). Around 4 months, it became increasingly difficult to catch my breath and move as swift as I wanted to with exercise. Uterine stretching pains didn't go well for nice long walks.. I am now 5 and a half months on and I've gained about 60 pounds total. I think 5 pounds a b___st would sum up some of it too...and this is all since mid-April, and it's now September. Dont think I'm not freaking out about it either. I walk every day. I will admit to snacking on a candy bar here and there and regular Cokes and fruit juices, and those sugars probably dont help my cause, but once in a while shouldn't hurt. My sister thinks perhaps my body wasn't used to being in shape for long enough and when I got of the restrictive diet, it began storing away all the fats and so on I used to eat that I had been denying it for so long. I dont know, but lately all sorts of weight just finds me and sticks to me. I dont want it but cant exactly do hi-power aerobics right now either or go into ketosis trying to burn fat off me either. As long as my OB isn't too concerned, neither am I. I still have some of my old "fat clothes". And once the baby is born I have the chance to get back into shape. So if you are Heidi's trainer, come on down to Australia, cuz I sure could use some help come January! :)


george - September 14

he ladies. My wife is 38 weeks pregnant with a healthy little boy and she is huge. She was 5'1 and 98 pounds. Now she is 195!


christine - September 14

does the s_x of the baby have any influence on the weight? What about which pregnancy it is? I'm having a boy, and if you dont count miscarrying at 5 weeks, this is my first.


artemis - September 15

I didn't think it was possible either. However, I am 36 weeks and have gained a total of 90 lbs . Initially, I didn't gain any weight. Then, I started gaining the reccommended 2-6 lbs per month. I wore my regular clothes up until my sixth month. Then all of a sudden I just blew up. I don't over-eat, and I am not in denial. I don't have cravings for weird and fatty foods. Ironically, I can't seem to tolerate the taste of chocolate (which is my favorite), or any other sweets other than fruit. I am in the military and need to stay fit, thus I wanted to gain as less weight as possible so I wouldn't have to work so hard after the baby. Well, I have a lot of swelling and I have been placed on partial bedrest due to labile blood pressure. Bottom line, every body is different. Be thankful that you are one of those individuals who didn't have problems with weight gain and swelling while pregnant. In addition, don't be so quick to judge those who do because you don't know what the situation is.


expert - October 20

hypertension. end of sentence


HMMMM - October 21

I think you're looking for a fight. Every women knows that pregnancy is different for each individual. And I'm sure you realize that not all people can eat "whatever they want". I think you are the one who is bluffing!


E - October 25

I do agree about gaining 80-90 pounds, but I gained 60. I can't believe I gained so much. I didn't eat a lot, but I did sit around. I had a miscarriage prior, so I was worried it may happen again. So I stayed put, and didn't work out. This made me fat, fast. I do believe everyone's body is different. I am 39, so I am not sure if it was my age, or resting a lot. I feel maybe both, but I did not over eat, or eat junk food. Don't be too hard on the ladies who did gain 80-90 pounds. I believe them. I never thought I would gain 60. I started out at a nice 120, and went up to 180. I have never been over weight, So this has been a body shock for me. It's upsetting, but will come off after a lot of hard work.


jen - October 25

This question was obviously posed by someone who has never had a weight problem.


liz - November 8

I gained 60 lids while pregnant with my first. But there is a back story to this which is that I was on bed rest from 24 weeks to the end of my pregnancy. You need to look at special circ_mstances before judging.


Helloo - November 15

What is the problem w/gaining so much weight?Why can't we be happy that we are having healthy babies some woman can't even get pregnant and it's so frustrating hearing stupid comments like this. I startted my pregnancy at 165.00 and I am now 198.00 big deal I have a horribly slow metabolism and it's always been a pain for me to loose weight. So good for you you have only gained 9 pounds people are different thank god because if everyone was as ignorant as you it would be a c___ppy world....


mamemmy - December 10

it's an awful thing to have happen to you- and i should know because i gained 80 pounds....eating tofu salads every day. my friends that have been pregnant listed off their favorite foods; chocolate, ice cream, etc that they indulged in almost daily. not me. i have always been a runner and a yogi-nobody could explain it. although i didn't excersize while pregnant. now my beautiful boy is 4 months, and i have lost 60 pounds- i started running at 2 months, and i have been b___stfeeding. as tempting as it may be to "gawk" at the idea of a pregnant woman gaining so much weight, please refrain. we are all too aware that there are people out there judging us.


Lee - December 10

It is incredibley easy when you are put on bed rest and instructed to eat 4,000 calories a day if you are carrying triplets like I did . I gained I'm sure even more than 80 lbs, I stopped looking after a while. But even women who aren't carrying multiples if they are for one reason or another put on bed rest or people that are underweight can easily gain this much in pregnancy and look perfectly normal. Some women unfortinately no matter what they do will just put on weight by the tons. I feel bad when I hear about it because I know what it is like to walk into a maternity store and see all the people shopping for cute little maternity outfts and my questions was always, "Do you have a plus-sized section?" It's sad because everyone deserves to be able to enjoy being pregnant, and some women just are made to feel like losers even if it is beyond their control.


kris - December 31

I must say I gained 90 pounds with my first and 85 with my second--all of it came off within 6 months and no excercise. I was only 110 pounds at 5'5"-size 2- so I looked like the philsbury doughboy. I knwo for me - I had quite smoking and that I was snacking in place of smoking for a few months- but it was mostly water. The main reason I know is because it just shed off- and I was left with 10 pounds that I had to work off. Trust me on my thrid pregnancy- I will imagine it will be the same-but I definetly do not sit and eat all day-I am very active- and it just happens. As long as the baby is ok- I do not think it matters. But I can gaurentee - I am not blufing- my children do not even recognize me in family videos when I was pregnant!



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