How Much Weight Is Too Much

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Janice - June 22

I'm 24 weeks pregnant-and at 20 weeks, I had already gained 18 lbs. Am I doing something wrong? Has anyone else gained around the same weight. I'm a little nervous that I've gained too much. Anyone??


chrissy - June 23

i'm 33 weeks and so far gained 60lbs been eating healthy so dont know why


Janice - June 23

Thanks Crissy- It makes me worry that we're not in the "norm" of 25-30 lbs for the whole pregnancy. Is this your first? DId your dr. tell you to cut down/ modify/exercise more? I'm not comfortable gaining that much, althougth I actually feel fine. Thanks fro getting back to me.


kitten - June 23

you are "over the hump", so to speak. past 20 weeks. maybe your gain will level off. but as long as you feel good and baby is OK, it does not matter.


chrissy - June 24

this is my second my first pregnancy i gained about 42lbs lost it quite easily not to worried about the weight gain because i know i've been eating properly so i'm a__suming its mostly water.My doctor isnt worried and i'm already exercising a fair bit as i havent a car so walk everywhere


Janice - June 24

Hi Kitten and Chrissy- I went to the Dr. yesterday and explained that I've been eating the foods that I never used to eat-like pizza-and they told me to have 1 slice with a salad. It was frustrating because I have always dieted and eaten salads befroe I was prego-not that I am prego--I still have to watch. they said they want me to be careful, because they don't want me to have a big baby. Chrissy, did you have a big baby(your first)? This is crazy-and being emotional doesn't help--at all.


Katharine - June 26

I am 35 weeks and have gained 49.5lbs. I have told my doc all along that I will stop eating when she tells me to... I had lost 40 lbs. prior to getting pregnant, though, so I think a lot is just regain from the initial weight loss. First pregnancy, I gained 35 lbs. I think your dr will let you know if you're gaining too much.


chrissy - June 27

janice, my first weighed 8lb 13oz i've been eating healthy in this pregnancy compared to the first but have put on more weight its just weird


Jessica F. - July 6

Normally anything over 35 lbs is too much for the whole pregnancy



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