How Much Weight Should I Have Gained By Now At 23 Weeks Pregnant

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Leslie - September 7

I am currently in my 23rd week, and was wondering if my weight is okay. I was 118 pounds when I started and now weight 140 pounds, and I am 5'4 inches tall. Can you answer this question please?


maria - June 14

i am in my 21st week and i have gained 14 pounds. My doctor says this is normal.


Kelly - September 7

I'm also in my 23rd week and have gained 13-14 pounds. 22 pounds is too much but you can't do anything about it now. Try to gain no more than 1 pound per week from here on (and don't cut back because you've gained too much - you still need a steady gain.


Jessica - September 14

Every woman is different. Just try to be careful the next couple of months and eat what is healthy for you and your baby. I gained 50 pounds with my first pregnancy (which was really hard to get rid of after baby) but i too am 23 weeks with my 2nd child and have gained only 13 pounds.


Kristin - September 16

I am 23 weeks also and I have only gained 4 pounds. You might be gaining more because you were small to begin with.... I would not worry about it though as long as your doctor says that you are healthy and so it the baby


christie - October 24

i'm in my 23rd week now. I've gained about 14 lbs. that seems like a lot of weight but everyone gains it differently... as long as you are eating healthy and excercising i wouldn't worry about it. embrace it - worry about loosing it later.


beth - November 27

i don't know how much weight is normal to gain at 23 weeks but i'm 23 weeks and weighed 226 when i became pregnant and now i weigh 196, i've been very sick though.


Colleen - December 17

Dont let anybody tell you its too much or too little!!! Dont feel bad..EVERYBODY and every baby is different and while yes there are "guidelines" around abour the proper amount of weight gain...they are just that guidelines. If you are eating healthfully and get some exercise you and your little one are just fine. I myself at 23 weeks also have gained 22 pounds but my doctor said it's o.k because the only weight ive gained is in my belly and b___sts! Some women gain a lot early on and slow down towards the end and some women just explode towards the end of the pregnancy after not gaining much!! DONT you worry!! You can always lose weight but you can NEVER go back on the fact that your baby isnt healthy because you were afraid to gain weight! Take care! When are you due? I'm due April 16th!!!!


jenn - January 2

I have gained 13 lbs and was wondering the same thing - what is the normal weight gain at this point?


Julia - January 7

If you are eating healthily and are feeling all right, it does not really matter how much weight you gain. It only means that your baby needs this weight. I am 23 weeks and so far I gained 12 pounds, HOWEVER, 6 of them in last 14 days! My doctor says it is absolutely fine, just stay off sugar and do continue moderate excercizing!


Tanya - January 10

I am 14 weeks today, and have lost 6 lbs so far. I was overweight to start with, but the doctor said that as long as i drink vitamins, and eat as much healthy food as i can, the baby will be fine.


Julie - January 12

Gained 10 altogether. 9 in last two months. I am 23 weeks. Course quit smoking, so eating every thing in sight.


kelly - January 15

I am 22 weeks and I have gained about 20 pounds. I weighed about 117 before and am 5'5" , so I was tiny to begin with just like you. Even with gaining 20 pounds people would never guess that I weigh 137. So everybody is different. Most of the women that only have gained 10 or so pounds are probably women that weighed 130-140 to begin with.


amber - January 17

i am 23 weeks and have gained 17 pounds. i was 5' 7", 125 lbs before I was pregnant. When I went to the doctor last week, he told me my weight gain was "puny".. and that I was underweight to begin with. Although I feel giant, he said I was behind to begin with, so gaining weight is good. He also told me my weight gain will likely slow down over the second half of my pregnancy... since what I gained so far was over the holidays (lots of eating). I honestly think it varies from woman to woman... I eat A LOT, but I also exercise 4-5 times a week. The main thing is that you take care of yourself and get some exercise! Your baby will love you for it!


vanessa - February 4

may be your having twins


sara - February 6

check out the weight gain caculator at its based on your height pre pregnancy weight, and how far along you are also check out it has a great weight gain chart depending on your height and pre pregnancy weight plus it also tells you how many calories you should be consuming for your height/weight/pregnncy im 5'5'' 129lbs 20 weeks pregnant.. i've gained 11lbs (pre pregnancy weight 118lbs)


kelly - February 14

Wow! Sounds kinda high. Better ask your doctor.



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