How Much Weight Should I Have Gained By Now At 23 Weeks Pregnant

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CamysMama - May 26

Thank you so much Sandee and CaliTrish! I've gone all whole-grain since The Lecture, and have been getting up early to make myself scrambled egg, tomato and whole-wheat sandwiches for breakfast... no more cereal for me! I've still been giving in to a small gla__s of oj with my breakfast, it's my only wake-up drink since I ditched coffee at the beginning of my pregnancy. Thanks to Sandee's list, I'll also be looking for some plain oatmeal that I can add a few raisins or chopped fruit to, I didn't realize that would be okay to eat. I'm happy to say most of my favorite vegetables show up on your list, too, Sandee! But what about avocados? Do they have any protein? CaliTrish, I have definitely taken the cheese suggestion to heart, and have been eating that as a snack instead of fruit, since fruit's a no-no now unless I eat it with a protein-rich meal. It's so weird how she said bacon was okay, but watch out for fruit!


CaliTrish - May 27

Sadly, avocados pop up as vegetable fat on my chart along with olives, so eat in moderation. Make sure you eat old fashion non-instant oatmeal that takes 5 mins to cook or even better eat the Irish/steel cut oatmeal that takes 30 mins to cook. You think being told to eat bacon is weird, try being told to eat a serving of protein & starch right before bedtime. Years of being told to wait 2-3 hours after eating before going to bed is just tossed out the window when your pregnant with GD.


scarlett - July 6

None of us can give you the *correct* answer because there isn't any; simply because every woman's body is different. How much weight you gain depends on your build, your weight before the pregnancy, your metabolism, your diet, etc. Consult your doctor, and he will tell you if your weight gain is normal.


dsmom - July 21

if you started at 5'4 and 118, on a site i saw that would qualify you as under weight for your height , so i would say your good to gain a little more weight than the recommended, my doc told me i gaind to much, i started at 5'2, and 120 im 143 now and im only 21 weeks , so that is too much, but i feel great, the only thing is she said that if you gain too much weight its a greater chance of a c-section


Ant - August 3

Um...people are still replying to this question in 2004...over 2 years ago. I think Leslie's baby is probably out by now. It might even be walking :-). It's great that everyone is so helpful though, and this is a great resource.


ayla87 - October 1

Hey thats what i was wonderin i am also 23 weeks I am about 5'3 i was 120 before i got pregnant and now i am 135


clariebear - January 29

im currently in my 22 week n was wondering if my weight is okay, i was 145.2 (66ks) when i started and i am now 149.6 (68kgs) now so i have only gained 4.4 pounds and im 5'7 but my doctor hasnt said anything about it ? is it alright


redhead125 - January 30

Ignore Holly's reply--I doubt she is a doctor and could use a lesson in self-censoring. Leslie, your weight gain is fine. We have very similar pre-pregnancy height/weight stats--I'm 36 weeks and have gained about 40 pounds thus far--most people are shocked when they find out. My doctor said that as long as my blood pressure is good and I don't have protein in my urine or swelling of my ankles, then there is really no concern. He also a__sured me that it will come off! No worries--everyone is DIFFERENT! Just make sure you are eating healthy (stay away from the junk food) and drinking lots of water.


s_xicherypoptart - February 4

im 21 weeks right now and i have gained 19 lbs. but i think i was a little to skinny at 1st anyway only being 100lbs so i think its normal


amya - February 27

I got ya'll beat! I am 36w and have gained 59lbs. Yup thats right 59 lbs. Doctor says it's normal(that it is'nt from overeating or poor diet) he says it is mostly water-weight. I am pretty swollen, but the rest of the weight is in my belly. Pre-preg I weighed 135-140 and now Im at 199. Yikes, I hope I can lose it quick


Frances - March 10

I was very underweight before my first pregnancy and went on to gain 70 pounds while pregnant with my son. My doctor was just fine with that and it all came back off by the time my son was five months old. I went into this pregnancy at a healthy weight for my height and haven't gained a single pound yet. I'm currently fourteen and a half weeks and am actually a pound or two down from my first appointment. I literally have no idea how that happened, I eat loads!


Rutgers1 - February 6

Just make sure the weight is coming from a healthy balanced diet and not fat and empty calories. Remember-you are what you eat and so is you baby. You need about 300 extra calories for baby and that's it. If you eat a lot of fat, your baby will be fat. You do have control of what your baby grows on. 3 of my girlfriends had 9-10 pound babies not because of genetics but because they ate diets consisting of ice cream, french fries and hamburgers. The babies were beautiful but had rolls of fat--no muscalture(sp?). Because of their gait they all walked late and for some reason I cannot explain, they all talked late. My girfriends 2 and half yr old still cannot put 2 words together. Eat well, where you get your calories from DOES matter. Yout eat healthy and portioned and you will be giving your baby the best start he or she could possibly have and you yourself will feel better and have a slow controlled gain.


Cat24 - February 8

kristin 4 pounds doesnt sound like much at all. are you sure the baby is growing healthily? it seems minimal compared to what the other women in here have put on.


rjardine21 - August 2

im about 24 weeks pregnant now... when i got pregnant i weighed 137 then i loss 6lbs now i am back at 137 so its like i never gain anything is this normal??


new mama - November 17

I weighed the same and im at 140 too! I thought I gained to much weight but I think its okay, I havent been eating to outrages, one day I ate really bad maby one day can effect it all but its probably normal.


Flicc03 - December 4

I'm now almost 27 weeks and have only gained about 7 lbs. I didn't find out I was pregnant until I 4.5 months in though. During the first trimester, I lost 30 pounds from stress and so that has affected my overall weight gain in this pregnancy. The doctor told me that as long as the baby and I are both healthy then it is okay. Just make sure that you and your baby are healthy, that's the main concern when it comes to weight gain while pregnant.



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