How Much Weight Should I Have Gained By Now At 23 Weeks Pregnant

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kelly - February 14

Wow! Sounds kinda high. Better ask your doctor.


Lydia - February 15

I wouldn't worry about it too much, I gained 60 lbs my first 22lbs my second and I have gained 17 so far with this one and I'm 28 weeks. I'm also 5'4 and have done nothing different in any of my pregnancies. I would say if your doc isn't concerned then your fine. Congrats on the baby!!


No weight gain - February 16

I'm concerned because I haven't been gaining weight. I was overweight to start - around 200 lbs. I am now in my 31st week and weigh 197. I can feel that I lost weight in other areas, and the doctor says my stomach is measuring right on target - 31 cent. Anyone else have this situation?


Whit - February 16

Everbody is different. You might just have to work to get it off after the baby. It also depends if this is your first, second or third baby. IT DOES MATTER. I am 23 weeks and I've gained 20 lbs. Considering that I gained over 60 with my first, this is nothing. (and she weighed over 8lbs) You and your baby will be fine.


danielle - February 17

im 14 weeks pregnant and i heve lost 10lbs since finding out i was pregnant and still ahven't put any weight on the doctors said it was ok then but now i really need to start gaining some


Mickey - February 18

I think that's fine. That's only little less than 1 lb a week. If you keep it up you'll still be under 40lb gain at birth.


Chelsea - February 22

Don't worry your head over it, I'm the exact same height and i've gained close to 20 pounds at 23 weeks... just stay fairly active and it won't be hard at all to strip those pounds off!


Miranda - February 25

I am currently 23 weeks and i've only gained 4lbs. I weighed 113lbs and i'm 5'4. This is my 4th baby boy. I eat everything and all the time this is the first pregnancy that i've not gained alot of weight. As long as your doctor isn't concerned I wouldn't worry about it either. Good Luck!!!!!


martha - March 2

weight gain in pregnancy is as different as each woman. no two are alike. just eat foods that are nutritionally packed and drink lots and lots of water. stay away from refined sugars. then, no matter how much you'll be fine and so will baby.


Tab - March 3

That sounds like too much weight, esp. at your height.


ANDREA - March 16

im also 23 weeks and have gained 21 lbs.. im 5'9" and weighed 125lbs, i guess thats normal


Melanie - March 16

I'm 23 weeks now and have gained 15 pounds. I cannot excersise b/c I'm high risk. But to tell you the truth I haven't been eating healthy ALL the time. I cheat a lot. I go one week eating great,,,then the next week I eat about 5 bad meals. So if you are gaining weight fast it's most likely b/c you are eating to much of the wrong foods. As hard as it may seem try to eat a balanced diet. And stay away from junk food and foods that are high in saturated fat!


rose - March 17

I am currently in my 23rd week. I was 140 pounts when I started and now I weigh 160. I am 5/9 inches tall. This is my fourth pregnancy and I feel as healthy as I did my first three. I think your weight gain is normal.


Kara - March 21

I am 23 weeks and I was 146 lbs when I got pregnant and now I am 164. My doctor told me I have gained too much... I am 5'8'' and I am use to eating how much I want and not worrying about my weight! Now he wants to send me to a nutritionist. So I am in the same boat... No matter what we want to do we have to think about all the consequences of gaining too much


Lisa - March 21

At 23 weeks I believe weight gain should be between 10-15 lbs. I know with my first pregnancy that I far surpa__sed that at 23 weeks. By the end of my first pregnancy I gained 60 lbs. I am currently 23 weeks and have gained about 10 lbs. Some people gain more in the beginning and some gain it all at the end. Just watch what you eat and drink plenty of water and do some light excersise because I'm sure you'll want to get back to your original weight... and that's the hard part!


Jennifer - March 24

How much weight should a pregnant woman have gained at 30 weeks



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