How Much Weight Should I Have Gained By Now At 23 Weeks Pregnant

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Jennifer - March 24

How much weight should a pregnant woman have gained at 30 weeks


Krystle - March 28

It really depends on your BMI pre-pregnancy. Sounds like you might have been a little underweight. My cousin was underweight pre-pregnancy and she gained 60 lbs. and her pregnancy went fine and everything was normal. I'd talk to your doctor, but I wouldn't get concerned unless he does.


Hayley - March 30

I am 25 weeks and have only gained about 7Ibs throughout my whole pregancy so far.


Sue - March 30

I am 23 weeks and I have gained 20 lbs. I saw my docotr yesterday and she said this was perfectly normal and there was nothing to worry about. I am 5'3 and weighed 106 before pregnancy. This is my first baby.


chloe - April 5

i dont know much about pounds though i am 23 weeks pregnant and have put on 3 and 1/2 kg


Jennifer - April 8

Don't let some of these uneducated people scare you. Statistically, the average woman actually gains 40 lbs. during her pregnancy. If you are underweight to begin with you should gain more and if you are overweight you should gain less. I am 23 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child and I have gained 24 lbs. With my first, I gained 68 lbs., but I was 17 and the doctor said that was fine as well, because if you are still an adolescent, you should gain more than a woman. I lost my weight in 3 months with the first. You are doing fine. Just try to gain weight with good things, not empty calories and I would say to aim at gaining another pound per week for the remaining time.


Chiffon - April 9

Leslie of course I am not a doctor I do believe your are about 5lbs over .you have approximtely 13 to 14 weeks to delivery and gaining a pound every week will still put you in the high looking at your body ma__s index


Teresa - April 12

I am also 23 weeks pregnant with my second child. I started out at about 112 and now weight 129. My last pregnacy i gained 50 pounds don't wont to do that again.


Tiffany - April 12

At 5'4", you are considered underwight at 118 lbs. You are just fine where you are at. I experienced the same thing with my first two pregnancies. I started out at 108 lbs. If you have gained 22 lbs to date, and gain a pound a week, you are still within the 35-40 lb. weight gain they suggest for underweight individuals, you will be just fine! Don't sweat it!


Eliza - April 13

I'm 40 weeks pregnant and have gained 58 lbs. my doctor thinks my weight gain is perfect and is not concerned at all. He told me that a lot of times women who are really small pre pregnancy gain extra weight in their first trimester so that they can support the baby. I never had to worry about my weight pre-pregnancy, and I have continued to eat the same as I normally would with the addition of more iron-rich foods. i did gain most of the weight in the first and beginning of the second trimesters and it slowed down in the third and now it has stopped. Don't let ANYONE but your doctor tell you what you should gain. Pregancy is just about the most natural thing in the world and your body will do what it needs to do to support your child


Cathy - April 13

You have chosen your doctor and should now rest a__sured with their advice, as everyone else will have something different to say. I have learned throughout my pregnancy to limit my exposure to people's opinions, since they are not doctors. If your doctor said that you are normal, I trust you are. Good luck :o)


Kristi - April 15

Hi Leslie....My name is Kristi and I am currently 30 weeks and I was 135lbs when I founf out and I am 127 lbs. now......I think wieght gain is different for everyone....Plus I am 5 feet tall....Good luck!!


Maureen - April 16

I think also, that you have gained too much weight, but did you ask your Dr. if you are carrying Twins? If you are, then it makes perfect sense to me. At 23 weeks, I myself wasn't showing very much, mind you, for this Pregnancy, I had gained a total of 48 Pounds which is an awful lot I think. I did have a big baby, but he is now 6 months old and I still have to loose a dreaded 18 more pounds. I am eating very sparingly so now it is finally starting to come off. Even excersise dosn't seem to help. I'm just really healthy I guess, that's why, so I REALLY shouldn't complain. Anyways, I'd suggest to ask your Dr. and she/he would know best for sure and what to do about it.


Christy - April 19

I am 23 weeks pregnant and was 133 and have gone to 150 pounds. i am also 5'4" . So I think you are just right. My dr. told me mine was not too much and it was just right .


Bridget - April 25

I am 23 weeks and I have gained 10 pounds. I'm 5' 7" and started out at 125, i'm still not showing and kinda worried, i guess everyone is different, don't worry.


Mollie - May 4

I'm about the same weight in my 23rd week and I was also 118 before I became pregnant. I feel like I eat very healthy and I exercise too, so what else can you do?



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