How Much Weight Should I Have Gained By Now At 23 Weeks Pregnant

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Richard - January 18

My Wife is 23 weeks and has lost 6 pounds from the begaining. Her belly is growning and she is eating healthy. Everything the doctor has told her. Maybe it because she never lost the weight from her first child 7 years ago. This baby aslo seems to be very very active


karine - January 18

i was 118lbs and now iam 128lbs. iam in my 23rd week as well


Tess - January 19

Im 5'4 and ppw was 183 lbs. Ive gained 6-7 lbs so far....I am now 23 wks pg.


jr - January 19

I am 20 weeks pg and have gained 13lbs. My doc is fine with that. If you are eating healthy and exercising (moderately) you should be fine. Try to cut out lots of sugar if you are consuming it. Stick to fruits, veggies, whole grains, and lean meats.


Micaela - January 22

I am 24 weeks into my first pregnancy. I started out at 138, and I didn't start gaining anything until about 4 months. I lost a couple of pounds being on bedrest for a week, but now altogether I have gained about 11 pounds since I got pregnant. Mostly belly!!


Mandy - January 27

I'd say you're right on track... the average gain for pregnancy is 1 lb. per week... and at your rate you're at .956 lbs. per week.


bn - January 28

DO NOT WORRY ABOUT YOUR WEIGHT GAIN IF YOU ARE EATING RIGHT!!!!! If you are not gorging on junk food and extremely high fat foods ALL THE TIME......then your body is gaining what it needs to gain to support your baby. I dont totally believe the 25 to 35 lbs rule for EVERYONE. If you can honestly say you are eating right you will loose the weight quickly after giving birth. It is probably not fat....could be a little excess water weight which can come off within days after giving birth. My cousin who is the most stick skinny woman I know was kidof swollen towards the end of her pregnancy. she lost every bit of her weight within the first month, and she did not do anything extreme to get it off. If you are staying healthy and have gained 30lbs at 20 weeks......well, I say, "more power to you". If you have gained that same amount, but you know you are not eating healthy; well, then your body might not need all that extra that point it is probably due to your eating.


Roary - February 15

My mother gained 55-65 lbs with each of her pregnancies, and it all came off after each birth (with the aid of b___stfeeding).


Gina - February 15

I am 24 weeks, and have gained 19lbs. I started out at a good weight for my height....not bone thin, and not overweight. My doctor is fine with my gain.


Jenn2 - February 20

I am 24 weeks 3 days, and I have gained 20lbs. Sounds like allot, but all I keep getting from people is....."you dont look that far along", and "you carry your pregnancy well". I am tall, and started out a great weight for my height (not too thin, not too big)..... it does not show that I have already gained 20lbs. My doc is fine with it, therefore so am I. I have been eating really healthy, and walking about 4 days per week. I know I'm not doing anything wrong, so I just have to keep going with it, and I am confident that I will loose it all pretty fast. My mother gained 38lbs with me, and swears that she lost it all in a month after I was born. She only gained like 23lbs with my sister, and she said it was allot harder to loose......go figure! I believe if you let your body gain the weight it wants and needs will have no problem loosing it afterwards. Just dont overdue or underdue the eating.


pines - February 26

wow, dont worry too much about getting big during pergnancy as long as your healthy and also the baby. Check this out This will help you a lot.


pines - February 27

hi Leslie Dont worry too much in gaining weights, it's natural! I came accross to this topic that will help your problem.Check this out


Kimberley - March 4

I am 23 weeks pregnant and have gained 5 lbs. I look like Ive gained 20, my belly was always soft but now i cant suck it in! i do yoga and stationary bicycle tostay in shape!


Lisa - March 7

i'm in same way for my daughter i only gained 10 or 12 pounds and i'm 15 weeks now i already gained 12 1/2 pound


eileen - March 11

With my first baby I started off at 103lbs and 2 weeks before delivery I weighed in at 185lbs. With my second baby who was 10 lb 3oz at birth I was 120lbs and weighed in at 195lb. some people just gain faster & more furiously than others. Enjoy your pregnancy. Dont let anyone scare you on this blog! Talk to your doctor about your concerns. He/She is the better judge. If doctor says relax then relax. Everyone kept asking me if I had diabetes and I did not my doctor told me sugar blood pressure & protein was fine so not to worry as long as I wasnt feeding myself horrible foods which I wasnt. I ate lots of fruits veges and good healthy meals. My downfall was Milk....Whole vitamin D milk. As long as baby & I was healthy thats all that matters!!!!


amanda - March 12

you sound just like me. When I was at my 24 week appointment (now about 4 weeks ago) I had gained 20lbs. I am 5'10", and started out thin to average size pre-pregnancy. Your gain sounds good considering you were not overweight to begin with.



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