How To Loose The Last 18 Pounds After Giving Birth

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Maureen - April 11

I've had my baby and all went well, thankgoodness. I had a big baby. I lost 30 pounds already and have 18 more pounds to go. Can somebody give me some advice please on how to loose the rest of the weight? I Thankyou Kindly in Advance, for any advice you have to offer.


Lynn - April 15

Maureen, I lost weight to get down to a good pre-pregnancy weight (so I wouldn't have like 50 pounds to lose after the ababy you know?).. anyway, I lost a bunch of it & then reached a place where it just wouldn't come off. I got a manual treadmeill ( the cheapest one I could find) and started 4 days a week, I would walk for 2 minutes, run for 1 minute for 25-30 minutes each time. Once the running part started to get easier, I would wlak for 2 run for 2, then walk for 2 run for 3 & kept switching my routine back & forth. The idea is to "shock" your body so that you start to lose weight. After about 10 days of this (& portion control at mealtime) The weight really started to come off... anywhere from 2-4 pounds a week. I swear by this routine. If you don't have a treadmill, get yourself a stopwatch & do it outside. ALso, the portion control is key too. I didn't cut any food group out of my diet, including cookies & cakes, but I just watched all of my portions. I would 1/2 the rice & 2 times the vegetables. and instead of 2 scoops of ice cream I'd only have 1.. that sort of thing. I am totally against the carb diets, south beach all that stuff. Your body needs all the food groups to be able to process everything correctly.


HI - April 15

That might actually work for me. Doing any of that WOULD be a shock to my body!


Maureen - April 16

Lynn, Thank you so much for your suggestion! I'm so Happy you replyed to my question. This sounds like it could really work, it makes alot of sense to me. I could put baby in the Carriage and for for a walk and do that outside. Wonderful! Thing is, I've stopped eatting all junk food at all as I think my body just absorbs it too well, and I won't loose weight at all if I eat those things, even in small portions. I'm wondering though, what do you do when you get hungry? Do you drink more water? Honestly, I've been eating about one stalk of celery a day to curb my appet_te. It really works. Again, Thank you for the great advice & Best Wishes. From a warm spring day in Canada.


Lynn - April 17

Maureen, I drink a TON of water every day. Literally between 80 and 100 ounces a day. As far as the snacking goes, I try really hard to make healthy meals & eat smaller meals, more often so I don't get hungry in between. But when I did, I'd snack on stuff like celery & carrots, fresh fruit, grapes were really nice when I just wanted to munch on something. And I would still eat some chips & stuff, I would find ones that weren't TOO bad for me, read the ;label, find out what a serving size was & stick to the serving size, whether it be 10 chips or 15 or whatever.


Maureen - April 20

Note to Lynn: Just to let you know, I've been applying what you suggested, I've been walking baby in the Carriage every day and it's working, I lost 2 1/2 pounds thus far. HOURAY. Thank you, thank you.


Lynn - April 21

Ni problem Maureen, I'm glad it's working for you!


Razz - April 22

Hey girls i swear by weight watchers. It really is a sensible way to lose the weight and the group meetings really keep you focused as you can share your stories and tips. Goodluck to all!


CP - May 9

Doctor phill diet worked wonders for me, Also I put my baby in a frount pack and walk for 30 mins a day, this heled her sleep and got me out of the house. Good luck


Meriam - July 2

Go step by step just don't eat too much but get alot of exserice on the machines. Remeber being healthy is way more important just look at how many calories and sugar does a meal have watch on chocolates.


Betsy - July 5

It is to late for Maureen if you aren't already but for those who haven't had the baby yet, the best weight loss for me was b___st feeding. No kidding I lost all my pregnancy weight plus the extra 15 lbs that I always had struggled to loose before and ate more than I did when I was pregnant. I gained some of it back after I stopped (1 yr later) but am now pregnant again and am not worrying about taking off the weight after this next baby.



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