How To Quit Smoking Whilst Pregnant Or Concieving

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to hunabees - February 27

I didn't stop smoking until I was like 12 weeks. I know it was bad but I got sick of the smell and just quit one day. I tried cutting back and the more I tried the more I would smoke. I think it takes willpower and just sitting them down. I heard the patch is very bad for you but you could ask your doctor.


gfgghghhg - February 27

why does pregnancy give u bad breath


angelinakai - March 3

my husband and i quit smoking on our wedding day bc we knew there was a possibility of getting pg. i printed out stuff from the internet about how your body gets better every minute that you're no longer smoking. it was like 1 minute after you quit smoking your less likely to have blahblahblah... 1 day after you quit, ect ect. also i printed out all of the nasty horrible things that it does and i put those up on my doors. one on my balcony door (where i usually smoked) and one on my front door... so if i was tempted to smoke or go buy cigarettes, i would force myself to read those things. it really helped. now i still get cravings and i even smoked once the month that i found out i was pg. ( before I knew) but it makes me sick now and is not enjoyable.


TiffanyV - March 3

I know how hard it is to quit smoking ! I'm trying myself . If you cannot stop before you get pregnant ( these are suggestions from my doc ) : try to cut down to ten or less a day and take 1000 mg of vitamin C in the morning . Google the vitamin C thing , It makes the effects much less on baby ( studies have shown ) . Of course , it is better to not smoke at all , but sometimes that is very hard . Especially if you are like me and have had no nausea at all .


emma - April 1

Niccotene patches are great. Try gum and exercise it's also great plus understand the effects it has thats a good enough reason and non- fatening lollies the b___t realisation technique works effectively too, have fun and good luck


terese - October 25

I think I have the answer for you. A very new drug is on the market called Chantix. I used it and within 2 weeks I did not have the urge to smoke at all. It blocks the receptors in the brain that crave th nicotine. It works if you really want to quit because you do not have to deal with thr side effects. You should probably do the program before getting preggo. talk to your doc if that doesn't work, trust me, if you are already worried about it then once you find out, you will quit immediately like i did. it will be hard for like 3 days. go somewhere on vacation with someone who would just absolutely die if they knew you were smoking while preggo (your husband)-the point is to go somewhere where you cannot hide the smokingp0-you will be trapped and you won't be able to smoke.


gabbysally - December 27

I've smoked for 11 years and quit the day I found out for sure I was pregnant. I still crave them but I know I have to do it. I'm not one of the lucky ones who's body becomes adverse to cigarettes, I dream about them: :) but I wouldn't dare - I can wait 6 more months - when you have to do it you can do it.


Young_momma - January 3

This isn't a way that you can quit, but I quit because I got a bad chest cold. I was coughing so bad that even if I wanted a cigarette I couldn't smoke it because I would cough so bad that I lost all interest. I am, granted, only sixteen. But after I got rid of the cough I tried with all my might to smoke again and it just didn't satisfy me any longer. I still get a craving, when this happens, I do something around the house, such as throw a load of laundry in or quickly do the dishes. Also I took up drinking a caffiene free herbal tea, something about the steam and the relaxation of the herbs just kind of calm you the same a cig. would. I use an orange and spice by Lipton and put about two teaspoons of sugar in it. The taste of it is sweet and relaxing. Just a suggestion, it might work for you also!


hope-31 - January 9

i just quit new years eve and i did it cold turkey.i picked the new year like 3 months in advance and just put my mind to it.i am 31 and have smoked sincew i was 20.i just felt like c___p all the time and felt ready and know it will only help me get that baby i have always dreamed of.


0zkittykat - February 28

thanks for everyones contributions to this forum. I am 6 1/2 weeks pregnant and overjoyed - however have struggles kicking my pack a day habit - i have thrown out a pack, bought another, and have just bottled some b___ts and put a picture of a 'smoking harms your unborn baby' on the pack - now if i want one will have to smell the b___ts in the bottle and look at the picture - i'm sure i wont light another. thankyou for everyone who has submitted here - it has really helped!



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