I Can T Stand Veggies Right Now Or Dairy

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flipthea - January 29

Hi. I know I need more veggies and more calcium. I can't stand to drink milk or even string cheese. I've been having nausea and a sick feeling in my stomach, part of pregnancy. The funny thing is I used to love vegetables before I got pregnant. Now I can't stand them. I take a prenatal vit. but only either at night or afternoon, it makes me sick if I take it in the morning. Any suggestions on what to eat?


redhead125 - January 30

How about fruit? Or what about incorporating your veggies into your meals (one dish type meals packed with veggies or soups). I haven't been crazy about veggies most of my pregnancy, but find if I sneak them into my main meal, they aren't so bad.


flipthea - January 30

I have tried to incorporate it into meals and the same thing----- the vegetables were left on the plate. Maybe I need to puree it :-) . Now, I like fruit and I've been eating lots of fruits, but fruits have a lot of sugar in them. Hopefully this veggie aversion won't stay!


s_xicherypoptart - February 4

for me the key to not being nautious was just keeping something in my belly all the time as soon as i felt the least bit hungry i felt so sick.


jenna32 - May 1

i'm the same way!


jenna32 - May 1

i'm the same way! someone suggested drinking v8,i'm not sure but i think it probably tastes grosser then eating veges! i love veges to, i was practically evegetarian now all i crave is meat! another thing you can do is blend some romaine lettuce or other kinds of veges and add like 4 x the fruit ( 2 being frozen fruits) it tastes a lot better.


socalmom - May 3

The veggie thing is hard, but maybe smother them in something good like ranch dressing or b___ter or even fried (like fried cabbage)??? and if you can't do dairy then try eating a tums, they have the extra calcium you need, of course eating real dairy products is the better way to go, but in the mean time it might work!


angeev - May 23

I have the same issue--LOVED veggies before and can't hanle them now. I know its not good but I have been avoiding fresh veggies only b/c it seems once something goes bad, that is what sticks in my head. Like my broccoli got mushy and gooey so I bought new broccoli, but I kept thinking about the mushy broccoli so I couldn't eat the good stuff. And I have been trying to "hide" veggies...like in a chicken and dumpling ca__serole where I can't see them. And for some reason I can handle salads just fine so if hot veggies aren't working this might be worth a try.



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