I Have To Poop

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poopie face - July 5

I had to take a laxative last week, I hadn't gone in a week and the time I went previous I thought I was going to tear my butt hole...gross I know but true. How harmful are laxatives to your baby?


Melissa - July 5

Constipation is very common when you are pregnant> You should try to control it with your diet. Eat lots of fruits and drink plenty of water. Fibre/bran will help too. Try to stay on top of it, because constipation is a major contributing factor to hemmoriods. Not sure what affect laxatives have on your baby. I would not take any more until you check with your doctor.


Jessica F. - July 6

I wasn't able to control constipation with my diet. I was told that I could take a certain type of stool softener and fiber pills to help out. the problem with those is I started to feel bloated all the time.


Michelle - July 6

Take fiber pills. That is what I do. It helps some, but not completely. Eat alot of fiber, fruits and drink plently of water.


lynnstress - July 7

I take Omega-3 capsules for other reasons. They do have a slightly laxative effect. But I go at least once a day! The thing I hate the most is when I have to run to the bathroom because I GOTTA go, sit down, and then nothing. Frustrating.


Bree - July 7

Ever try the cherry essence dried plums (aka prunes)? They taste good and will produce results. I suggest drinking plenty of water with them (eat maybe 6-8 at one sitting). It really helps me when I eat them, although my constipation has quit lately (I'm now 15 wks along). Good luck to ya.


Jennifer - July 12

I had constipation/hemroid (sp?) issues before i was pregnant, so my Doc prescribed me Duet DHA, by StuartNatal. It's wonderful! One tablet is the prenatal vitamin and the second is a fish oil gel capsule which helps with the constipation and is good for the baby. I haven't pooped this easy in years!


E - July 12

In the hospital, after my c-section, they gave me colace stool softener twice a day, which I believe is all natural. It works wonders and does not act like a laxative. I would invest in a bottle:)


sheena - July 12

ask a doctor


Marussia - July 14

I as well am having trouble with constipation (10 weeks pregnant). I now take psyillium fibre twice a day, make sure I drink lot's of fluid and eat lots of fruit, try to cut down on bread intake as it acts like glue in the bowels and I have also cut down on my iron supplements and try to get more iron naturally. So far I seem to be going about once every day, although I feel like I could still go more. I also take a suppository every once in a while because I read that they are okay to take while pregnant. I have read that too many laxatives can be bad because they flush out all the nutrirents you've work so hard to feed your baby...


mg - July 14

HI I have had troubble with constipation all my life. One thing that helps me the most os having bran at night after my dinner with a large gla__ss of water, I usaly go in the morning.



I would avoid using laxatives if possible, they can prevent important nutrients from being absorbed in you digetive system.


YUP - July 18

Like Bree said plums and/or prunes will definetly do the trick! You'll be running to the bathroom:)


marussia - July 18

What I am wondering is, is it not worse to have all that c___p in your bowels just sitting there, fermenting and sending out toxins into your body, than to take a laxative once in a while to get your bowels moving?


Vic - July 28

One gla__s of metamucil a night, every day, will regulate your system and you will become a happy girl again. Worked for me :)


Dee - August 8

With my last pregnancy I experienced B A D!!! constipation, and I drank lots of water, ate bran, and high fiber fruits.. by the way PRUN JUICE IS GROSS any how, Even though the doctor advised against it I had to resort to a laxative every now an then, I would take it at night so that my food had digested and the baby got all the good nutirents she needed and MAN did I have to go in the morning... Doctors do not recommend it but sometimes you have to do what you have to do


Shannon - August 17

I have crazy constipation and hemorrhoids. My doc said it is fine to take colace, and a fiber supplement. I was afraid at first because I didn't want diarrhea. I take 1 colace a day and drink a gla__s of water with benefiber. I now go poop once a day, but it is still solid pebbles. Just so you all know colace is a very gentle form of laxative and does not take nutrients away from the baby unless it causes you to get diarrhea, which rarely happens. Don't waste your time or money with Metamucil or Citrucel Fiber supplements. They taste nasty. Benefiber has no taste or odor.



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