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lynnstress - September 2

Salty snacks, especially. Chips, crackers, popcorn CHEETOS. I'm defintely trying to cook with less salt, and not adding as much salt before I eat. But what's a girl to do? I'm almost 26 weeks, and my ankles and the tops of my feet get really swollen when I've been on my feet too much or eating too much salt. Any advice on getting a salt fix without all the salt-realted problems? Thanks


no advice - September 3

on salt fix other than those salt subst_tutes. I call it no advise because they don't quite cut it for me. I am trying to drink lots of water to curb the effects of too much salt intake. I am still very puffy and I wish the chick who really owns these cankles would come and get them. I look down at my feet and sometimes scare myself, and think who da [email protected][email protected] do those belong too! It's so cliche but I can get enough of pickles, I sometimes even add salt to them, as if they arent salty enough! Lemony stuff is supposed to help, it hasn't help me much but maybe it will help you. Good Luck!


lynnstress - September 3

Well, I'm not much of a pickle girl but I do down my water and I love lemon, so maybe I'll have to make lemonade whenever I have too much salt! LOL on the cankles! My ankle bones make an appearance every now and then.


Lynn - September 5

I love salt too, unfortunately though I have been on meds for High blood pressure. I switched to sea salt - it has a whole lot less sodium in it than regular table salt and tastes almost the same.


no advice - September 5

Sea salt isounds like a good alternative. I really didn't notice any difference in taste. It is much more expensive that regular salt. I paid about $7 for what I would call a medium sized bottle. The type I tried was not granulated so I also had to buy a pepper like grinder for it. Get one that has plastic bits, you can imagine what salt will do to metal over time. I am still stuck on my baby pickles they really help when I need a salt fix. I can have one or two of them and start eating sensibly again.


lynnstress - September 5

Maybe I will have to try pickles - they count as a veggie and aren't they very low or no calorie anyhow? :)


no advice - September 6

I have the del dixi baby koshers, 5 calories if I eat 2 1/2. I can usually get by with one. Has no other nutritional value, but compared to how many chips I would have to eat to get my salt fix, I figure its a nice trade off. The sodium content is 320 mg or 13 % of the DV for a 2000 cal diet. I am eating a little bit more than 2000 cal. a day. (about 2500 calories, of course thats my goal, but I KNOW I wrecked it yesterday)


Deb - September 20

Salt is good to prevent Preclampsia, 20 grams per day should be plenty. I wouldnt recommend having it all the time because you could retain water and you will fill uncomfortable. good luck.. and don't leave salt at all.


Lisa - September 20

I love Salty and Sour things too...I love cutting my apples and putting salt on the slices before I eat them. May be try a salt subst_tue and try to drink loads of water...



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