I M Freaking Out

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Nadia - August 26

THis is my first pregnancy, i'm about 9 weeks right now, and I've gained 2 1/2 pounds already :( , started at 111lbs, 5'5" tall. The only problem is that I"m hungry ALL THE TIME! PLEASE HELP ME OUT....


Jaime - September 1

I don't think you have anything to worry about. Just remember that you are eating for 2 now. And accept the fact that you are going to gain weight.


cathy - September 8

I'mm 11 weeks and have gained 9lbs.


Amanda - September 10

I've read it is normal to gain 3-4lbs. in the first trimester, a little more is o.k. if you are real thin.


Bridget - September 21

You are normal. You were slim to begin with so you will gain a bit more percentage-wise than someone who was overweight when they became pregnant.I am 5'1" and was 131lbs when I became pregnant. Due to some health issues, that was a bit overweight for me (usually I was 120-125) I didn't gain until after the 12th week and now at 18 weeks, I've gained 7 lbs altogether.If you are hungry, eat. You are lucky, I was hungry but nauseous too! It is said to eat more small meals thoughout the day instead of 3 big ones. Try to avoid processed junk (like "Hot Pockets" and frozen stuff with hydrogenated oils, they pack on fat and stick to your arteries)and too much refined sugar.I ate a lot of fruit early on when I was nauseous but now most things are ok, though I find meat isn't as appealing as usual. Hot cereal in the AM is good and I've been eating lots of pasta, esp ravioli and tortellini (the cheese is good protein source). If you like them, sardines on crackers are great for you and the baby's braincells and they are listed almost everyplace as a safe (low mercury) fish to eat while pregnant. I'm eating lots of "Amy's" frozen foods for lunch. They are organic and don't have junk in them and you just throw them in the microwave. I read somewhere that good food remembers where is came from.I guess you didn't ask for all this info, LOL, but I figured I'd share a bit of stuff I've learned, cuz I didn't know too much of what to expect. Good luck!


heather - November 26

im 5'6 110 lbs before pregnancy 13 weeks and 123 and i think im gaining to much


Same Boat - December 1

I am in the same boat, but I am 16 weeks along and I get really hungry at work! It's crazy! Food is all I can think about while I sit here. Everything tastes so much better too, so it's hard to stop! I was a little heavy before getting pregnant 5'5'' and 145 lbs, so I really need to watch it but it's hard! I eat enough and I even bring snacks, so why am I so hungry all the time!


T - December 1

You have to remember that your are not eating for 2, as in 2 people your size, your baby need nutrients, not a big mac. So if you hungry all the time eat healthy, salads, veggies, dairy that sort of thing. I wouldnt worry right now on how much your gaining, later on it can get dangerous you have to worry about diabeties and that sort of thing. And if its really bothering you try and excersise if you are permitted.


Dee - December 1

You can't go wrong with fruits, nuts and veggies. Use these things as your snack foods. They provide nutrients and don't just fill you up with fat and callories. If you eat foods that are as close to their natural state as possible and keep your consumption of meat and dairy under controll you will do great. Avoid processed and fast foods like the plague!



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