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AnaMarie - February 25

Ive been TTC for the last 1yr. ive been with my husband for 5 yrs now and always had unprotected s_x with him since the first time. my question is im 5'3 220pds. is this the reason why i havent got prego? also i wasnt overweight when we first had s_x. and i still never got prego. he always lets go inside soO what can be wrong? what steps should i take? im bery new to this being that before i didnt really notice if there can be a prob with me since i wasnt really ready for kids but im 24 now and im very ready.. any suggestions?? please HELP!!!!!!


lauralandacre - March 22

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Brigitte - August 4

hey there. i had the same problem. though my husband and i have only been trying for 2years. that was still tooooo long for me. im23 and im pregnant now. after alot of prayer, i asked the Lord to guide me, if i should go to a specialist. well i went and found that one of my tubes was blocked, the stuff they used to see if my tubes are blocked also helped to open the tube, and about 3 months after that i was pregnant. im now 9 weeks preggies.Good luck


CourtneyHope - August 15

I am 24 and weigh 135 and am 5'5. I am 9 weeks prego too! We tried for a year and a half before we conceived. My cycle was all screwy too, so that took a toll! It was hard, but we made it, and we are super happy now! Don't stress about it, it is nice to lose some weight i'm sure, but it's really hard. It's also hard for us sometimes because I'm not sure what everyone elses body types are, and advice could be based on skinny mommies to be. My dr said I am fine, just need to be careful not to gain a lot during the pregnancy. Hang in there and good luck! Hope this helped...a little!


CourtneyHope - August 18

that last comment is that i weigh '235', not 134, holy moly of a difference!


lunamoo - August 21

An "ideal" weight for your height is about 115 pounds. Being 100 pounds over your "ideal" weight is considered morbid obesity which can pose a lot of health risks and difficulty in conceiving. One of my best friends is about your weight and height and has been unable to conceive for years, they wanted to try IVF but the doctors will not do this until she loses weight...You asked what steps to take, what about losing weight which would put you in a much much more healthier state to carry a pregnancy. Good luck!


Franny - August 21

If you had trouble conceiving before you were obese then surely you will have a lot problems now. There are many many proven risks that are heightened due to obesity during pregnancy--don't put yourself through something so risky that you can prevent -- Dedicate the next 6 months to a year to yourself and your health. You will feel so much better about yourself and knowing that you achieved a much better status of health before getting pregnant. Good luck!



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