Is Anyone Else Nervous About Eating

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Seal - May 1

I'm at 8 wks. I've read so much stuff about 'what not to eat' and the dangers of germs on foods, etc that I find I am often too nervous about food to eat anything. This is particularly the case for fish and meats, raw veggies (are they properly washed?), eating leftovers (how long is too long?), eating in restaurants (how do i know how they handled the food?). Is anyone else feeling like this? it is really annoying because i really do enjoy food. I just don't want to hurt the baby by getting listeria or whatever.


Kellyswede - May 2

Hi, I just found out that I am pregnant (just about 4 weeks along) and I just finished reading some eating guidelines a minute ago. I, too, am freaked out about eating. For example, I have always loved eating fish and now after reading that I don't know if I'll have the courage to eat ANY fish until this kid is born! I know some kinds are good for me but right now I'm so nervous about making a mistake and eating the "wrong fish" To make matters worse, I am not living in the States right now so here food standards are different. Not only do people have different ideas about what is OK for pregnant women but they have different ideas of how food should be kept (for example, here eggs are rarely refridgerized in the stores but i read that you should NEVER buy eggs not in a fridge! What can I do!? Sorry I don't have any answers for you because I'm in the same boat.


JB1014 - May 3

Hi there... I'm in the same boat as you two... just found out today and I'm scared to eat fish (some types aren't listed there), and threw away 1/2 my sandwich after reading no deli meats. I think raw veggies are fine- just wash them... About the eggs not refrigerated, I would stay away from them!


new mommy - May 4

Kellyswede, where are you living right now. I am living in Germany right now and I have found the same thing with the eggs.


Kellyswede - May 6

Hi, I'm living in South Korea right now. I've heard that the eggs are ok out of the fridge if they are really fresh...but to me it's a bit strange. Also, here they eat a lot of raw eggs in things.


mandee25 - May 6

I am feeling the same way Seal. It seems like there's so many foods out there you have to stay away from while pregnant. I am confused about what luncheon meat qualifies as. I know it's stupid but.......


mandee25 - May 6

I never knew that about the eggs but thanks for the info. Mine are always refrigerated.



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