Is It Safe To LOOSE WEIGHT If You Eat Healthy During Pregnancy

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Maureen - September 7

My Dr. told me I was a few pounds over, and if I keep eating like this, I would gain much, much too much weight at this rate. So, I've slowed down my eating, ONLY healthy foods,including lots of Fruit,Veges,Low Calorie Protiens like Cottage Cheese, fish without mecury like, SeaBass. What do you think, is this okay until my weight is Satisfactory for my Dr.? So far it's working. Please let me know, somebody? Thanks.


Maureen - April 30

So far, I've been maintaining my weight and have droped 2 pounds thus far, but am not sure if it is water weight or what. I hope my Dr. will be happier to see this.


bukky - May 4

Yes, you should be mindful of your weight, gaining too much during pregnancy may mean having a very big baby, big babies are difficult to push out and may result in C/S or using. Watching your weight will also help you regain your pre pregnancy shape pretty sooner. 2-3 pounds a month is ideal during the second and third timester.


rosie - May 13

well i think its good that you are loosing and trying to loose weight to help your self and your child be long as you go to the doctor and see if you and your child are healthy while you are doing this is good...also try to go to the gym or get workout videos, as long that they dont put no presure on you stomish its good but just make shre you ask a trainer and your doctor excersys you are doing are god for your pregnancy.......


denise - July 9

I think it would be healthy. If you are eating healthy and just doing what you are supposed to do I think you will naturally loose weight anyways


Paisley - September 7

I think you stick to eating healthy and keep excercising you should stay at a healthy weight, however, ive been told not to eat soft cheeses such as cottage cheese whilst pregnant for risks of salmonela etc...


Anon - September 19



brucen - September 20

Although some soft cheeses should be avoided, cottage cheese isn't one of them. Only soft cheeses made from raw milk such as Feta, Brie, Camembert, blue-veined cheeses, queso fresco, queso blanco and Panela are potentially harmful.


ashley - September 29

As far as I've been told it isn't really that great to lose weight during your pregnancy. But you should talk to your dr. bout it to make sure if it's ok or not.


Christina - October 16

I am over weight. I'm not proud of it, but I am. I lost 30 pounds to get pregnate. Now that I am 4 months I have lost 20 more puonds. I was just at the doctor on Thursday, and he said as long as I was eatting and excercising the baby will be fine. He also said he would be looking into it more if I wasn't over weight. So I guess it isn't the smart thing to do, to lose weight right now. From what you said it just sounds like your really heathly, and if you do put on more weight then you was told to. You can make goals for yourself after the baby is born, and work hard to lose it. Good luck.


Mellissa - October 19

In order to lose weight at any time in your life (pregant or not) you need to create a calorie deficit. In other words, you need to burn/use more calories than you eat. This is not safe at any time during pregancy. By creating a calorie deficit, your baby is being deprived of food which means, losing that weight you gained already is not an option until after the birth. However, you can stop further unneccessary weight gain by looking at your diet. 4-6 smaller meals (not three big ones!) that are balanced with lean protien, plenty of fruits, veggies or whole grain carbs and a little bit of healthy fat (like olive oil or nut/nut products) will keep you from gaining fat. Stay away from sugary drinks like soda, juices and coffee and do not eat starchy carbs like pasta and white bread. I feel your pain as I started out at 115lbs and now weigh 132lbs at only 5 months. What's done now cannot be reversed until later, we just have to wait it out and fix it later. When your doctor told you that you may be gaining too much or too quickly, he didn't want you to attempt to lose weight (and if he did, get a new doctor!) He means that you have to change you eating habits and lifestyle to prevent further unneccessary weight gain. Remember that the scale will still climb up due to the weight from baby, blood, amniotic fluid, placenta etc.


E - October 19

There could be nothing wrong with you eating healthy foods as long as you are taking in the amount of calories necessary to feed your baby. Sounds great that you are cutting junk out of your diet. Wish I had that willpower.


Mellissa - October 19

My diet before I was pregnant looked exactly like the one I described in my previous post (although I exercised a lot more- now I just walk and do yoga). In my first 16wks of pregancy, I ended up eating a lot more comforting carbs than I used to in order to alleviate the tummy but now, thank goodness, I'm back on track. Since I've been pregant I've added a little more whole grain products to my diet per day but I eat about the same amount of calories because, like I said, I may need 100-250 more calories per day now that I'm pregnant but I'm doing much less exercise than I used to.


Nae - December 7

I am 16 weeks along in my third pregnancy. I gained too much weight with my first child and then could not loose any of the weight. When I got pregnant with my second child I lost 17 pounds within the first three months of being pregnant before I started to gain any weight. My doctor said that was fine because I was overweight anyways and the extra weight of the baby would make it so that I could have heart problems if I gained too much. Now that I am pregnant with my third child I have lost another 20 pounds in the 16 weeks I have been pregnant and my doctor told me the same thing this time around. Gaining too much wieghtin pregnancy can cause hypertension and high blood pressure during pregnancy but you do not want to loose too much either as long as you are eating healthy foods and your doctor tells you the baby is ok then dont worry if you loose weight just dont try to loose weight while being pregnant. Dieting during pregnancy can be dangerous for you and the baby.


chrissy - January 13

how much can a baby talk of nutrition


sheila - April 6



Jessica - April 6

I read about a woman who ate very healthy and did moderate exercise the whole time she was pregnant. Turns out, she did not gain any weight during the pregnancy, and after the baby was born she was thirty pounds lighter than she was before she had conceived. As long as you are eating enough for the both of you and your doctor is ok with it...I say go for it all the way. That is what I plan to do, too!



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