Is Losing Weight A Bad Thing

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tritty - June 6

i'm overweight. like a lot. i wanted to lose weight before i got pregnant but this is pregnancy was a big surprise. anyhow, i had poor eating habits and didn't exercise much before i got pregnant but ever since i found out i was pregnant i want to be as healthy as possible for my baby. i'm eating when i'm hungry but only healthy foods like fresh fruits and veggies and i'm walking every day. i'm not on a "diet" but i'm losing weight just from changing my eating habits. this isn't bad for the baby is it because i'm still filling my body with everything the baby will need it's just that i have weight to lose so it's coming off now.... what do you think?


maren - June 6

AS long as your doctors not worried about it i wouldnt be. Your still eatting and getting you nutrition and everything. But make sure you bring it up with your doctor to see what they think about it.


sandee - June 6

Hi , I am not an expert but have read that fat cells are storage for all other things like toxins, metals or even pesticides to which you could have been exposed before. So losing fat means also release of all these into you body and blood stream. I would say consult your doctor and ask about these questions


tritty - June 6

thanks for your responses ladies. sandee- that's pretty intresting, but i'm hoping that it's not true or if it is that it wouldn't be harmful to the baby. i see my doctor in 2 days so i'll ask then. thanks again!


ToniInVA - July 13

In response to what Sandee mentioned about the toxins released in fat cells, that is true. Your doctor can give you Ketonstix (little strips that test the ketones or toxins in your urine.) Basically, you just pa__s one through your urine stream in the morning was you first wake up. The stick will turn a color and you just compare it to the color chart on the bottle. It will tell you if you are releasing the toxins. If you are that means you need to eat more. I've lost 16 lbs since being pg (I'm 14wk5day) and haven't tested positive for ketones yet.


CaliTrish - July 14

Kudos to you for changing your eating habits and walking! I know how difficult it can be. I was 30 lbs overweight and diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes at 11 weeks. They put me on a no sugar/low carb diet. Although I haven't really lost weight, I haven't gained any either. Baby's growth is on track so no worries. When you're pregnant, you need to increase your calorie intake to ~2,500 calories a day. Doing this with healthy foods is the best thing for you and baby. If you burn fat in the process, think of it as a bonus. Best of luck for a healthy & happy pregnancy.



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