Is Two Pounds Too Little

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brwneyedbbydll - June 1

Hey everyone This is my first pregnancy and I am almost at 19 weeks and I have only gained 2.5 pounds I am considered to be over weight before i got pregnant (150 at 5'2). My doctors haven't said anything about me needing to put on more weight but I hear everyone else talking about their weight at 19 weeks and it is sooo much more than me. Is 2.5 ILBS too little??


CaliTrish - June 1

According to my hospital, you should gain 25-35 lbs if you were average weight prior to your pregnancy. This works out to a pound a month for the first trimester, then a pound a week. If you were overweight, you should gain 15-25 lbs. If you continue gaining a pound a week from now on, you're right on track to gain 20-25 lbs. I'm 21w5d and still haven't gained any weight, but I started out more overweight than you (165 at 5'3"). Doctor isn't concerned and neither am I. Baby is definitely growing. :-)


brwneyedbbydll - June 1

Thanks CaliTrish I appreciate it I am so afraid of gaining to much weight and I am also scared of gaining to little weight thanks again for your input :-)


sa__sifras - June 5

I have only gained 6 lbs and i am 23 wks. I eat like crazy, as long as you are eating I wouldnt worry. When your dr starts to worry, then you can! Stop stressing, there is enough to worry about!


squished - June 17

I've gained 4 and I just hit 20 weeks. My dr. said just to make sure that I'm eating right and that the weight comes on at different times for different people.


MyFirst - June 19

I started out at 5'7" 180lbs then lost 18 with morning sickness and have gained 10 back. Now at 24 weeks doctor is a little concerned. She told me to eat more meals each day (6 is ideal) and make sure they are healthy.


Sophia - June 22

The bulk of weight will be added after you are 6 months along. Even so, make good food choices, don't load up on fat and sugars.


knpandrews - June 23

Hey... I am a little over 23 wks. and have only gained 4 1/2 lbs. My doc. is not concerned about the weight gain as long as the baby is growing on track. I consider myself to be over weight and plus size. 15 lbs. is my target weight gain and my doc. aggrees with that. As long as your doc. says your baby is ok and that he is not putting you on suppliments I think you are ok. But if you are true concerned then you should give him a call and let him know your worries.


ren05 - July 5

hi, i actually lost 4 kilos(think thats about 8 pound) in the first four months due to bad morning sickness.the whole pregnancy i gained about 6 kilos. i had a healthy baby boy of 6pd 13 oz.


ToniInVA - July 13

I am 14wk5dys and have actually lost weight. I started at 206 lbs and now weight 190 lbs. Not that I'm complaining because I'm only 5'4", but I am starting to worry although my doctors haven't even mentioned my weight loss. Friends have said it is normal to lose weight the first trimester, but even after 12wks I am still losing.



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