Less Nausea But More Indigestion

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cindy813 - January 6

Does anyone else feel like they have a rubber ball stuck in their throat after eating anything? It's not as bad as the nausea but it's so annoying. I try to drink lots of fluids and eat small light meals/snacks but it's still there. Help?


syx - January 24

I too have lots of indigestion, and less nausea. Well I'm not too sure. I'm a bit confused! What does nausea actually feel like anyway? All I feel is as if there is sick in my throat and food pipe all the time. i was sick on sunday morning three times, but only a little bit each time. Is this heartburn or indigestion or nausea. I've never really been poorly before (sickness etc). My husband thinks I've got nausea but my body has adapted to it very quickly and I'm used to the feeling already...that's why i think i have no nausea? It's so confusing...all these symptons! Anyway, they say that lots of indigestion is the sign of a boy...I'm happy with that! What's your nausea like...is it proper sickness, like when you have food poisoning or something or is it just occasional queasiness? Good luck anyway x


Cindy - January 24

It seems like you have indigestion instead of nausea. My doctor called it acid reflux. She told me to take 1 Zantac in the morning and 1 at night. If that doesn't work then she said to take 2 and 2. It definately helped with the lump in my throat. It does feel like I have food stuck in my food pipe all the time too. Nausea feels like when you're on a boat and get seasick but you can't get off. Or like a bad hangover. Do you know how either of those feel? Heartburn definately feels like your chest is on fire but water doesn't make it soothe. Be grateful if you haven't had the nausea cuz it sucks. Try eating wintergreen lifesavers for indigestion....potato chips & pink lemonade for the nausea and Rolaids (not Tums..don't work) for heartburn. If it's heartburn, stay away from caffeine, carbonation and acidic food like sauce and citris. Good luck !


syx - January 25

How many weeks pregnant are you cindy? I'm 8 weeks along, and a little worried that I've not had proper nausea. If it feels like travel sickness, I'm only feeling that very mildly.


Cindy - January 25

I'm 16 weeks along and my nausea started about 5 1/2 weeks. Not everyone gets nausea so don't worry if you don't have it that bad. In fact, be happy because it's brutal being nauseous 24/7 for the past 11 weeks. I know plenty of girls who didn't have any nausea at all and had healthy babies...including my mom when she had me. Definately try the wintergreen lifesavers for the nausea and drink water in small sips all day long. Try to eat very small meals every 2-3 hours so your stomach is never too full or too empty. All these things have definately helped me through. Let me know if you have any more questions. We're in this together! Good luck!


Cindy - January 25

The "Seabands" for motion sickness work pretty well for nausea too. You can buy them for $10 at Walgreens or CVS and wear them on both wrists all day. (I never took mine off even while sleeping) I had them on for 9 weeks straight. Finally got to take them off cuz the nausea wasn't as bad! They're not stylish but who cares when you feel that sick right?


syx - January 27

Thanks Cindy..I will try these products if they are available in the UK. If not I will ask the pharmacist. My belly has grown loads and I'm exhausted continously...so I'm quite glad I'm not sick too! Can't wait for my scan at 12 weeks to confirm that all is well. Must be ace to see the baby for the first time!


Anna - June 24

Hi there, It is 02:40 in my part of the world and I've been awake for over an hour with this sensation and came online to find out what it is. I'm in my final month of pregnancy and have had this ailment for the past 5 days or so. It's so annoying! I can identify with your distress. Nothing seems to help me either and I was going to try going to the doctors about it on Monday.



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