Listeria I Ate Deli Meats And Didn T Know Now Worried

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redmondsky - July 19

Hi everyone. Okay - I know we are not supposed to eat soft cheeses etc...but I had not idea that we are supposed to avoid sliced deli meats too. I had a picnic with my 3 year old last week and ate a huge chicken sandwich - the meat was right from the deli counter. Now I am all this problem common or is it a rare thing? I would feel silly going to my doctor about it....


docbytch - July 20

Hey, Don't worry. It's Listeriosis and it's extremely rare....and not something people used to even be phased about a decade ago. I asked about it at the docs office and also have learned through my own experiences working in healthcare. The stuff we hear now about what can and cannot be done during pregnancy is sooooooo b__wn out of proportion. If you think about it...almost anytime we ingest anything we have not grown or raised ourselves...we are taking a calculated risk.


Chris1975 - July 20

Ive also eaten Deli Meat, and was worried until i realise that before 5 years ago, noone knew not to!! Try not to worry, and next time you want to eat some deli meats, just heat them so they are safe :)


fefer1 - November 1

I ate deli meat the entire first pregnancy - and am not too afraid of it now. Things do get really b__wn out of proportion these days. Why not avoid spinach too because you COULD get Ecoli or something. Funny thing is, turkey sandwiches are one of the few things I can eat early in my pregnancy.


gabbysally - December 27

of course I rarely ate deli meat and that's all I can think about now that i've been told we can't eat it. I asked my doc about it and he said it's ok to eat them occa__sionally, but to stay away from some cheeses, salami, bologna, etc. he said ham and turkey were ok once in a while.


FrancesM - January 3

I understand it is ok to eat the deli meats as long as they are heated thru.


homeworkwithheather - March 8

I have been purchasing the organic Applegate Farms that is minimally processed. My mid-wife seemed more concerned about the sodium content then the meat should be fine...


Rainbow_bright - October 30

hey there, when i was PG with my first 10 years ago i was young and didnt have the access to resources like i do today hence the fact i had no idea about not eating deli meats.... I actually craved ham sandwiches, and ate them with mayonnaise everyday!!! when i found out several years later the risks i was shocked... but my son is fine, happy and healthy. They tell you not to eat things because of the risk factor involved, the possibilities!!! lets face it every week they come out with something new that you can't eat!!! Good luck with everything



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