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marie - June 16

Hi, Im now 3months, i just had my doctor visit and he said i lost 2 pounds. I am concerned because i have notice that i have a loss of appet_te. Im hardly ever hungry, and i have to pretty much make myself eat. im not sick and i dont have morning sickness, i was fine till now. has this ever happened to anyone.


nonk - June 17

Hi marie, I am almost 37 wks, and have lost appet_te ever since I got pregnant. I had a very bad morning sickness and nausea up to the 4 th month and it's kinda went away after that. I feel hungry most of the time, but don't feel like eating and end up forcing my self to eat. I just take my prenatal vitamin and eat as much as possible for my baby's sake.But the good thing is I have gained 38 pounds so far. Did the doctor say anything about your weight loss?


Nick - June 18

I am 30 weeks and have gained 14 pounds total. I had no appet_te in the first trimester and now that I am in the third I cannot eat again. Besides the fact that I am not hungry, everything gives me heartburn. I try to eat very small meals all day, but I am afraid that I just end up not eating much at all.


Amanda - June 25

im 3 months also and im feeling the same problem I havent gained any weight. Nothing looks good to eat anymore. What does help if you go to the grocery store and pick up some things that you like to eat instad of just looking in the frige every day hoping you might get a craving for somthing in there. Im sure your hungry, but not usually for stuff that you have already in the house.


m - June 28

I get heartburn too, and it's ruined my appet_te. I feel hungry but am afraid to eat.


lynnstress - July 8

I just answered this to another question, but I'll do it again. Last week was my 16 week appointment, and I told the dr that some days (not all the time for me) I am just not very hungry and don't eat very much. She said "Let me put it this way. If baby was out and in the high chair, you would still feed baby every day whether you were hungry or not, right?" I said "You got me there." Now I make myself eat 2 or 3 decent meals plus snacks each day, whether I am hungry or not. Baby needs nutrition! Baby can't get it unless you eat!


mne - October 24

You're not alone. I am three months and I am having the same problem! I was wondering if the vitamins are enough, because nothing looks appealing to me and although I have not gotten sick I feel sick when I look at food! Pre pregnancy I certainly never had a problem of not being hungry. I just try to get in high protein and calcuim when I can.


Ronni - October 26

I am having the same problem. Most of the time i am just not in the mood to eat anything. i am hungry, but do not want to eat anything. i am still throwing up sometimes, so i think i might be afraid to eat cause i may throw it up after. when i do feel ok i try to eat something with protein, but it is hard. I am not really in the mood for anything healthy, mostly just somecarbs to fill my stomach.



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