Loss Of Appetite

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jjjjjjjjj - October 26

im 8 weeks - and im never hungary! in fact i feel nauseas all the time this is putting me off food and being physical with my partner... the former being in my opinion harmful to my growing baby - and the latter possibly impacting my relationship help!


Gena - December 3

I Know what you mean about not being hungry. I am on my second pregnancy and had to choke down my food wth my first and now i find myself 20 weeks along and the same symptoms are returning. Nothing really helped (Well, maybe Estee's first suggestion does) but if it makes you feel any better my daughter was born 100% healthy. Prenatal vitamins of course were taken too! I am in the same boat, wondering why i am once again not hungry...


estee - December 3

yeah, sometimes suggestion #1 is the only thing that helps me... i know it's not very good, but i cut down a lot and only use it for that (or other "medical" treatments)...


Gena - December 3

Same here, great for headaches and nausea too!


alora - December 7

i'll be turning 7 weeks tomorrow and i haven't had an appet_te since i was 4 weeks. my sense of smell has increased, everything stink (lol). my sister told me i have to eat but i don't want to b/c i just cannot eat anything i even tried a cracker and it didn't help. yesterday i had 1 apple and 3 bananas. what should i do?


estee - December 7

well, do you think that you are able to take some prenatal vitamins? that would definitely be good, if possible. but don't try to take them on an empty stomach - i had to learn it the hard way... eating fruit is definitely good too, maybe try some veggies (if you eat them raw, make sure you wash them properly), some toast - and then take the vitamins. no matter what you should make sure that you drink LOTS of fluids. try juices, since there are also vitamins etc. in there. hope this helps... take it easy on the bananas (one maybe two a day is fine) because they contain a lot of sugar and they might "stuff you up".


em - December 21

I feel exactly the same. I'm nine weeks and I just don't feel like eating anything because I feel so nauseus. I also, bacuse of feeling sick all the time - don't feel like s_x right now. Luckily for me though my partner is very understanding and has told me he expects this at least until I'm feeling a little better.


Ritu - December 22

I am 6 weeks and loosing my appet_te gradually and my sense of smell is worsening. I feel giddy and nauseatic all the time and its a sick feeling. I am a working woman and cant even concentrate on work b'coz of this growing giddiness. Any suggestions???????


Em - December 22

Ritu, does work know you're pregnant? I know normally people wait to tell others ie. work until they reach the end of the first trimester, however I wanted to be upfront with my employers so I told them as early as 3 weeks of pregnancy. I have found this to be a lifesaver as when I need to go home or take a break or put my head down they are more than happy for me to do so. That's my advice, but it's a personal choice. Good Luck.


sandra - December 31

I've been told that not eating is not bad for the baby, it just weakens the mum. The baby will eat into your reserves, so don't worry about the baby, just take care of yourself. What worked to combat my nausea is ice cold drinks and ice cream. I couldn't open my fridge or microwave without retching let alone being able to cook a meal for my four year-old until around week 15 of the pregnancy. Now I open my fridge and think "hey, how come my fridge has stopped stinking?". Now suddenly I've started eating enormous amounts, I've already started to make up for the 5 kg I lost during the first months of pregnancy! Most women feel better by around week 16. In the meantime take your prenatal vitamin supplements.


Steph - January 5

Im in my first pregnancy , and 5 weeks. Ive been sick to my stomach and cant even eat. It feels like a horrible stomach flu. Im scared, what should I do?


Nick - January 7

I am 7 weeks and haven't been eating properly for two weeks now. I found a few things that I can tolerate, like instant oatmeal and oranges. I just joined a gym and find that after I work out, not only does it give me more energy, but it improves my appet_te.


christina - January 13

well i am 19 weeks pregnant, and i can totally relate to everything you guys are saying, i have no appet_te and when i do it is so small that a piece of toast is all i can get down, people are always telling me that i have to eat or the baby will not be healthy, but the doctor says he is growing fine and everything is ok on the ultrasound so i am guessing he is surviving on my reserves, my problem now is i keep losing weight, so when do the reserves run out?


Nick - January 13

Does your doctor think it is normal in the 19th week? I am only 8 weeks and am looking forward to getting my appet_te back in a few weeks, but now after reading your thread I am afraid it will last a lot longer.


Piglet - January 25

I am in my 7th week, and I have not been hungry either. I'm not really nauseaous, but Just not hungry. It doesn't help that I also have have a throat infection.! I can relate to the not wanting s_x thing too. The only thing I can say is plenty of juice (V8, cranberry, etc) and a good multivitamin will help make sure that you are getting what you need. Good luck and God Bless!


Robin - January 31

When should you or can you tell others your preganant? Family? Work? Thanks


2nd time around - February 22

try vitamin b6. i'm around 8 weeks myself and it has helped with the nausea feeling. don't try the other thing...you won't know the outcome until your kid can't read.........



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