Loss Of Appetite

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2nd time around - February 22

try vitamin b6. i'm around 8 weeks myself and it has helped with the nausea feeling. don't try the other thing...you won't know the outcome until your kid can't read.........


Judy - March 5

I am turning 5 weeks and all I take is oatmeal in the morning and banana & crackers for my lunch & dinner. My doctor told me it's okay as long as I take my vitamins & take a lot of fluid. Most of the times, I have to wake up as early as 2am just to throw up water...I really can't wait to get back my appet_te back.


angelicsfatbaby - March 7

I am glad to see that everyone else in the world is going through the exact same thing I am. I am starving but in the same token I don't want to eat. Every time I open my fridge I want to retch. All the food, the garlic-everything stinks. And what's more, meals that I am used to loving I just can't stomach. I feel like I'm wasting money with my food just rotting away. I found that salad helped though. I've always loved salad. Since it's bland and it's green you can eat it with a little dressing and be getting a nutritious meal.


rb - March 7

i know exactly how you feel! the only thing that makes me feel better about not having an appet_te is that i am taking my prenatal vitamins... the weird thing is, the only reason that we decided to find out if i was pregnant or not was that i was eating EVERYTHING in sight - now i can barely make myself want to eat... the only things i know i can bear are crackers and sometimes fruit... try packing crackers / digestive biscuits wherever you go - they seem to help me. good luck!


deni - March 7

I am glad to see some many people are on the same boat with me. I am 8 weeks. I feel hungary but no appet_te to eat. I tried ginger and it helps a bit.


Amanda - April 22

Does anyone have tips for what I can do about appet_te loss?? I am also 8 weeks pregnant, I stay nauseas, and I have no desire to eat! HELP!!


Brittany - May 4

I'm in my 6th week and barely have an appet_te. Some things are a lot easier for me to eat - fruits that have alot of juice and a lot of salad dressing with my veggies - but my fiance also suggested that maybe this is my form of "morning sickness". i don't vomit, just don't have an appet_te. in my fiance's "expecting fathers" book, it says that typically in month 4, the woman begins to have more of an appet_te. so sit tight, take your prenatal vitamins, and i'm sure that your baby will be as healthy and beautiful as you're expecting


RAA - May 6

I'm 15 wks now and still don't have an appet_te, although it's better than in my first trimester. Ask your doctors about anti-nausea/vomiting medication, they helped me on my worst days, and they really do work. I also read that during the first trimester, the growing embryo takes whatever he needs from the mother's already existing supplies so you are not harming your baby but yourself by not eating. Once in the second trimester and the placenta is fully functional, the mother has to constantly supply the fetus with nutrients. Good luck to all of us!


HB - July 14

I am 8 wks. and feeling the same. I read somewhere to soak veggies in vinigar (1 cup vinigar/2 water). I keep a tub at work in the fridge and add different things. They are best after a few days. This has really helped. Believe it or not vinigar helps settle your stomach. Cold food doesn't have as much smell either. It's the smells that get me.


_angel - October 13

wow..12 weeks and kno EXACTLY what u all mean. Ive been so worried about It..i cant even hear the word FOOD without getting sick..let alone open my fridge or cupboard to make somethin to eat. Ive forced food down and been taking prenatal vitamins tho...lost about 8 pounds since i found out I was pregnant.


Ruchita - December 1

Hi there! I am 7 weeks pregnant and I too am feeling the same way....but I have found out that when I think of some particular food it gives me a good feeling. Having heard to you all I feel much better... I was quite worried!!


Kefh28 - December 7

Has anyone heard when in pregnancy you start to get your appet_te back? I am 9 weeks and still can't eat anything thing but graham crackers and apples? Is this ever going to end?


me - December 26

I am 12 weeks pregnant and I recently started losing my apet_te. I have to force myself to eat too.


KD - December 29



Sammy - March 21

I have lost me appet_te and am craving ciggarettes, could this be a sign of pregnancy?


megan - April 1

im not sure if im pregnant but i feel weird and ive been sick to my stomach the past couple days and i feel like i want to eat but then when i get to the food i look at it like its gross. im starving but stomach wants me to eat but it just makes me sick, could i be pregnant and if i was how early into preganacy can u get those symptoms?



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