Loss Of Appetite

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megan - April 1

im not sure if im pregnant but i feel weird and ive been sick to my stomach the past couple days and i feel like i want to eat but then when i get to the food i look at it like its gross. im starving but stomach wants me to eat but it just makes me sick, could i be pregnant and if i was how early into preganacy can u get those symptoms?


Izzy - April 18

i dont even know if i am pregnant but everything is linking in i have no appet_te i feel hungry make food and go off it straight away. i cant force myself to eat much at any one time. ive tender b___sts and nipples does it sound like i am my period should be here sometime this week all i can do is wait.


momof3 - April 23

I am 6 weeks into my third pregnancy and I have no idea how I will make it through the next while if this continues. I am so nauseous from morning to night and wake in the night B/C i feel so sick. I barely eat anything and have to force myself to eat and drink anything. I feel so drained and tired all day I barely make it through. I was not this sick with my first 2, I hope this doesn't last long. The thought of any food turns my stomache. Good luck to all the ladies out there going through it... I wish you all the best in your journey!


angel - April 24

goood luck momof3. I had my HORRIBLE morning sickness till about 16 weeks and it FINALLY subsided. But it sounds like u have it just as bad as i did...but it DOES go away...and now im one week away from my baby boy and enjoyed EVERY bit of my pregnancy after the sickness


heather - April 24

im 15 weeks and i just started vommiting last week and now i cant stop even to hold down some water or crackers! i know what everyone else is saying about the fact that im starving and at the same time dont want to eat.. i was also scared this is harmful to the baby. if my sickness is just starting now i dont know when itll end im scared!


angel - April 24

heather-right now ur baby will take from ur body, thats why ur feeling so lousy. try to keep down some prenatal vitamins if u can. but beleive me..ur the one suffering..not ur babvy


adubb14 - May 22

I'm just starting my 15th week. i was sooo sick from 5 to 12 weeks and for the last 3 weeks i've had NO appet_te whatsoever. i've been force feeding myself. I don't know if it's psychological, but i was sick 24/7 for 7 weeks. Now I can't get hungry. I do eat, because i know i have to, but even chewing is hard because i'm just not hungry. GOODLUCK. I can still keep my vitamins down though


Tricia griffin - May 25

I am on my 7th week & have had no morning sickness, but am not hungry either. My stomach will let me know when to eat though if that makes sense. Other than that I'm not hungry like I was before I got pregnant.


samNbump - July 20

I am 19 weeks and still finding it hard to eat, either because of sickness or just a dislike to food. As the doctors say the baby is ok on your reserves but i have noticed i am feeling more tired due to lack of food, i find it easier to eat after dark, as the heat also makes it worse. As for relations with your partner he has to be patient and although it can be difficult due to raging hormones sometimes its best, but if he is still persistant even though your being ill and smell of sick then you've got a good man there. You dont have to have full relations with him, try something where you still feel comfortable, you dont have to go all the way, try experimenting with what works for you both, its working for me and my husband.


emmaman - August 1

Hi there I am 26, 6 months pregnant with my first and i have lost a stone since i found out through morning sickness in the first 3 months. After the 3 months my appet_te still didnt pick up! some days i have quite a bit to eat and other days i can have only 1 meal as i feel really sick! so all in all i havent put on any weight since losing that stone in the first 3 months! i take prenatal vitamin tablets everyday but if i didnt then what i would eat would go to the baby and leave nothing for myself so thats why i feel lightheaded. Has anyone else not put on any weight all the way through their pregnancys? i have my 28 wk midwife check up next wk so im gonna make sure that no weight gain in pregnancy is safe.


JNY - December 14

I'm 7 weeks and I haven't had an appet_te for a few weeks now. The same thing happened with my son, so at least I know it's normal. I'm eating about one meal a day, a small meal. I'm hungry, but nothing tastes good to me and makes me feel sicker. My dr. isn't worried though becuase I'm a littler overweight so losing 10 lbs isn't going to hurt me. Good luck everyone!


maemae - March 29

I am +6weeks and in the same boat with you...everything stinks..watching food adverts makes me sick..all i can eat is cold pears and orange juice with ice...Cant remember the last time i drank water straight up...


Miss_J - January 6

ah! i thought i was alone abot this. im 22 and im pregnant.i havent yet been to the doctor but im going tomorrow, did a preg test at home and both showed me positive. My b___st have grown,wow ! but they hurt. I just feel sick and weak and sometimes i feel the hunger thru the sickness but i cant eat, meat especially tastes bad. fresh cold rinsed sallads work with a nice italian dressing, or fresh fruits and cold things. I know i supposed to eat healthy but i just feel like drinking fanta and sometimes sour candies...hahah. i hate this :( i havent eaten a whole proper meal for a week. just cold rice without sauces or anything.:(



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