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Ari - July 14

I want so badly to eat a tuna fish sandwhich once in a while and I am acting rather silly about the mayonnaise. I read the ingredients and saw that it has egg yolks. I am assuming that these yolks are uncooked. I hate to play double standard but the paperwork I got my ob's office has made it clear that eggs should be fully cooked. So, what is the deal with Mayo?


dani - July 14

i want to know too.....anybody know???


bump - July 16



lynnstress - July 17

I don't know either, but no one has said "For the love of God, don't eat mayonnaise while pregnant!!!" I'm thinking all of our doctors would have said something if it was taboo.


Jessica NY - July 28

Funnily enough, my doctors didn't say too much about what not to eat in my first few appointments but as I read more on the internet and cross questioned them about things they would tell me "that's right, you shouldn't eat...". So I've now questioned my doctor about mayo and have been told not to eat it, try a salad dressing instead but make sure that pasteurized ingredients are used. It's a real nuisance because I'm dying for my mayo, I eat so much of it in pasta/potato/coleslaw salads. : (


dani - July 30

I just spoke with my dr a few days ago, and she said mayonaisse is fine to eat. Mayonaisse contains very little egg.


Jaime - July 30

I've heard that home-made mayo should be avoided, but store bought mayo is ok since they use pasteurized eggs.


thats right - August 2

Jaime, store bought is usually pasturized. Now about the tuna, not too often. Mercury ya know.


mocha - August 2

I have this book where it says to avoid mayo. I am gonna die :( I love mayo!!!


Naomi - August 3

Eating softboiled or raw eggs is not recommended while you are pregnant because of the risk that the eggs may be contaminated with salmonella bacteria. It has been estimated that one egg in every 450 in the UK is contaminated with salmonella, but luckily, thorough cooking kills the bacteria. Eggs that have been cooked until both the yolk and the white are solid are safe — you can eat them. It's best to avoid home-made sorbets, meringues, mousses, and mayonnaise, as raw eggs are sometimes used to make these foods. Supermarket mayonnaise in jars is made with pasteurised eggs, so it is safe to eat.


Becca - August 10

i am currently having the same ilema have a chicken mayonasie sandwiche for my dinner am starving but really uinsure as to whether to risk it or not do you think one sandwiche could damage me or baby


.. - August 11

Stop the paranoia!!! Store bought mayo is fine - a tune sandwich is fine! Geez - do you know how much tuna you would have to eat to get enough mercury in your system to do damage?? Unless you are catching your own tuna you have nothing to worry about from the store bought kind in a can. As long as you don't eat it as your only source of nutrients, its fine!!! Raw eggs are not fine... If you are going to reseach something and share it, please get it right...


healthy - August 11

I have a health food store in my area that sells mayo without eggs. That way, if you are really stressed about it (since it is about your comfort level after all) see if your local "natural foods eatery" has it.


Ash - August 13

I read that store bought Mayonnaise is ok because it is made with pasteurised eggs, the process of pasteurising cooks the eggs


Nina - September 3

Shop bought mayonnaise contains pasterized eggs which are safe, but homemade mayonnaise is not safe since it uses fresh egg yolks. Some homemade tiramisu also contains uncooked egg and is unsafe!


Gemma - September 21

Home made mayonaise should be avoided but as far as I know shop bought is fine. What about tuna though? I have just read that ir has mercury in although I am not sure if that is just tuna steaks.


LOU - October 12

I am a mayo freak too - Hellmans mayo is made from pasturised eggs so - supposed to be ok . I have been eating it - but not going over board with it. We need some vices after giving up drink & cigs !!!!!!!! xx njoy.....



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