McDonalds Anyone

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new mommy - May 1

At the beginning of my pregnancy I craved apples all the time, now two months later I am craving McDonalds. I have read research about how the food you eat can affect the inteligence and such of your baby. Do you think eating a cheeseburger and small fry a couple times a week can be that bad. I really don't want to hurt my baby. If I thought it was I think I could stop cold turkey. I also crave mac & cheese (always been my comfort food). I think the McDs might have something to do with location. In America you can send your husband to a 24 hour grocery store for anything here the only thing open past 6pm is mcds.


Bakerswife - May 1

Have you seen the movie Supersize Me? If you have not, I would suggest that you do. It might make you think twice about eating at McDonald's ever again. Remember too that what you feed your body is what it will crave, so eating fruits, veggies, whole grains will in return make you want to eat more. Just the way the body works. As far as mac and cheese, why not make it fresh at home with fresh pasta and real cheese instead of the standard boxed stuff.


drea - May 1

I think you should be fine, just dont eat Mc D's everyday, just like you probably wouldnt eat it everyday if you werent pregnant. I think anything in moderation is just fine (except for alcohol and drugs etc....) We all have cravings pregnant or not. Dont stress and enjoy your pregnancy, good luck.


Seal - May 1

i've been craving mcdo's big time too - and i've already given in twice (i'm at 8 wks). i think it is the combo of fat, salt and sugar!! of course we shouldn't eat it - but everything in moderation.....right?


Bakerswife - May 2

Well, moderation is one thing, but the fast food burgers, etc., are REALLY bad for your health. A regular cheese burger, like from a kids meal, has 330 calories, 6 grams of saturated fat (not supposed to have more than 1 gram per DAY), 830 mg of sodium, 36 carbs. And a small fry has 210 calories, 1.5 grams saturated fat, 135 mg of sodium. And when you are pregnant most of us do not just eat the small portions, and remember too that they have MSG in them which makes you want MORE! There is a REASON why we crave their foods, they put stuff in their food to MAKE us crave it. Seriously, if you have not seen Supersize Me, you REALLY should. It is a real eye opener.


amanda103 - May 2

Once in a while is fine....even if it is fast food! You can check out a for healthier subst_tutions on some stuff too. By the way, if you do watch Super Size Me, keep in mind that while it is informative, it was done by a vegan, so it's a little bias. Good Luck!


honeybea - May 17

Sounds just like me- during my first trimester all I could think about is that MCdonalds cheesburger. I too was worried so I asked my dr. He said if your body is truly craving it , eat it. - Your body craves what it needswhile your pregnant. As long as your not just eating it to eat it- it's ok. Eventually my craving went away. And I turned to mac and cheese and rilled cheese sandwiches. Now i don't have to many cravings.


jmcny - May 21

Please do not let anyone make you feel badly about having McDonald's once in a while. NONE OF US - no matter what we say- are perfect and maintain a PERFECT diet even during pregnancy. I know I try- I have 3 lean meats a day or other sources of healthy protein- I have lots of fresh veggies, some fruit, yogurt, cheese, etc. I eat well. I drink lots of water. And no one can make me feel guilty about once in a WHILE having a treat (if you choose McDonalds as your treat.....fine! ) Its not like you are having it FOR EVERY MEAL EVERY DAY like in Supersize Me, LOL ! He ate NOTHING BUT McDONALDS !


jrcreations - May 30

Ah, according do my father, my mother ate a TON of McDs cheeseburgers though the pregnancy of my little brother, the ONLY bad thing that happened was that being a newborn he could not suck very well, they tried b___stfeeding at first, but he just couldn't do it, they finally had to enlarge the nipple hole on the top of a bottle. He also LOVES cheese! PS: She smoked though the pregnancy too, so I doubt the cheeseburgers did any harm, it depends on the mother too.


Fayble - June 8

I think that if You get a craving you need to fulfill it. If you keep ignoring it you will just end up eating it everyday for a week. get a craving for mcdonalds fries? just buy the kids size.


Kspa - June 9

I would try to find an alternative. McD's uses horrible oils/fats in their frying. And try out a bocca burger or buffalo burger. Skip the fries and maybe get a salad. I honestly think (and have read) that cravings are your body telling you what it is lacking BUT we don't interpret it right. Your body/baby doesn't need McDs, it probably needs some salt and some protein. Just get it from healthier sources.


squished - June 17

I think that anything in moderation is fine. At some point I think that people start to overthink this " can I do this b/c I'm pregnant" thing. If you are craving it, eat it. It's not going to kill you or make your baby stupid!


mindymay - June 18

i wouldnt eat to often. the first pregnancy that i miscarried, last year i ate mcds like 2 to 3 times a week for 8 weeks, and i gained 15 lbs. i miscarried at 13 weeks. watch out.


ren05 - July 5

hi i would be cautious of how much of md you eat, i know it's hard when u crave it.i ate it maybe once a week cause i craved cheeseburgers & when my sister was pregnant she ate it about 3-4 times a week cause it was one of the only foods that didn't make her vomit(her daughter is very fast going) don't know wether that has anything to do with it.where abouts do u live.


scarlett - July 6

I don't think you should actually go cold turkey on everything. The key is to eat everything in moderation. I too, have been craving for McDonald's and other fast-foods since day 1 of pregnancy. If you have a balanced diet and eat lots of fruit and vegetables everyday, having cheeseburgers and friesevery now and then should not do any harm. I have a friend who ate Burger King burgers every day during her pregnancy, and her baby was very healthy. Just because someone avoids McD food like the plague, doesn't mean that she is having a healthy pregnancy. There are many other factors involved too.


KLT - July 10

Grrr..why'd you have to go and say McDonalds?? i'm craving some fries and their hot mustard!! I've not had it in so long...and saw this post...and am terrible is that! :-P


cindernar - August 14

Well, I'm not the voice of reason this time. I usually HATE McDonald's, and I eat really well normally, but when I was pregnant with my son, I ate cheeseburgers and fries EVERY DAY for supper. I too craved them, as well as macaroni and cheese and waffles. I tried to eat healthy, but most of the time I just wasn't satisfied until I got my McDonald's. My son is now 3, and he is extremely advanced in every way (except potty training:) ) He speaks in very clear, complicated sentences and does very advanced puzzles with ease. I honestly think genetics have more to do with intelligence than anything else. If we did everything the "experts" said to do, we'd be locked up in a sterile room eating nothing but raw carrots and drinking bottled water while we are pregnant.



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