Mommies Any Particular Foods You Eat Daily

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amandasue - June 22

Also posted this under the "second trimester" section, but its also very "diet" related. Just thought it might be interesting to hear from other moms to be that have gotten hooked on eating "one particular thing" everyday. I'm 21 weeks, and for the last month have need to eat 1 apple everyday, along with a small bowl of cookies and cream ice cream before bed. I feel like my day just isn't complete without that bowl of ice cream! I'm right where I should be as far as weight gain should be, so I guess I'll just continue on! Happy babies all!!! :)


flappergirl - October 9

mine isn't as exciting as yours...but a sandwich. I need to have a sandwich at least once a day...usually aournd 11 a.m i find. I eat it eiter with some peanut b___ter and jam or just with jam (btw, i N EVER ate peanut b___ter and jam before).


mandee25 - October 13

I have to have my bowl of cereal every morning either with strawberries or blueberries. Raisin Bran, weetabix or mini wheats are my favs. I usually have yougurt daily and I love my icecream and chocolate. Although I don't make the icecream and chocolate a daily occurance!


helenl - November 9

I have to have at least one apple a day too! I crave them! I also crave cookies, preferably almond biscotti, at least 1 or 2 a day!


Pregnant_Sweetie85 - November 9

I'm actually getting alittle tired of eating fruit everyday like I have been. It's kinda making me alittle sick. I'm not yet through my first trimester I'm only 5 that morning sickness is starting to kick in! YUCK! I haven't had a HUGE craving yet...maybe Milk and Chocolate...that's about it...


PigletCamm - December 3

I love milk! I can't go without drinking the milk! theworst thing is that the prenatal vit that I am taking say to take on an empty stomach and with out milk cause it affects to iron absortion so it sucks that I can't have a galss a milk with breaky anymore


lily10 - December 8

cereal is a big craving of mine, and I never really liked it much in the past. I also like spinach or whole wheat bagels with reduced fat cream cheese.


IrinaZ - December 9

I feel that if I give in to all my cravings - it's a slippery slope. I know myself - I'll start with a sticky bun in the morning to help me start the day and then I would have to have a piece of cake or ice-cream and next thing I know I would gain like 60lbs while pregnant. So I have decided to develop an eating routine for myself - I bought a box of Rasin Bran and 1% milk for work - to have breakfasts and pack a very healthy lunch every day - salad with chicken b___st. The trick for me is to pack the snacks too - apples, banana, orange, carrots, yogurt and sometimes a granola bar if I want something crunchy. If I have all the snacks with me, I am less likely to snack on something that is not good for me. I admire people who can have A cookie after dinner maybe. For me, if I have a cookie, I have to have half a box of them. So I better not even start. So instead every day I eat the same healthy breakfast, same lunch and snacks and have something new and different for dinner


kyes - December 11

1 banana everymorning on my ceral.... and a little packet of rasin at "Snack time" lol



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