Night Sweats

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Jenn - March 30

Is anyone else having night sweats? I'm in the 25th wk. of my 1st pregnancy and wake up everynight sweating. I keep the house very cool and I'm not overweight, does anyone know what could be causing this?


Sarah - April 4

I'd like someone to answer this ... I'm in my 12th week and I've been having night sweats since my 10th week. My house is quite cool also, and I'm quite a slim person ... Anyone??


paula - April 12

10th week and started having night sweats! Did not experience this with my first two pregnancies. I am curious what this is all about.


Jenn - April 13

Still no answers. My doctor didn't give me an explanation. My concern is that if I'm getting that hot when I sleep, could I be over heating and harming the baby?


Jennifer - April 27

I am 10 weeks and started having night sweats last week. I can't find any info on this either!


Dana - April 28

Thank goodness someone else! I am starting my 8th week and have cramping, and last night woke up soaking wet. Trying to find answers.


Tera - April 28

I'm 8 wks and also wake up hot. I keep my bedroom around 60 degrees, its not all night just a few hot flashes that wake me up.


MichelleB - April 29

24 weeks, and wake up with sweats all the time. It sound spretty common, but I have no idea what causes it? I am NOT looking forward to the summer!


Jenn - April 29

Hey ladies! I finally found some literature on this, and it said that our body temp is 20% higher than ususal when preg. so while sleeping it is particularly high. It also said that this is a good thing because it keeps your system cleaned out. Glad to see I'm not the only one!


Danni - April 30

I'm just over 8 weeks and waking up drenched from night sweats! And still having to go to the loo 2x per night! Glad to know others share these symptoms. Was going to call the doctor as I was getting a bit worried about the effect of all that heat on the baby. Thanks for putting my mind at ease.


michele - May 8

I am 4 wks and I've had night sweats for a week. I drench 2 shirts each night, the bed is soaked. Very uncomfortable.


Jenn - May 10

Hello again ladies. Just wanted to give you an update....I'm 30wks. had a Dr. appt. yesterday and asked if this night sweats could overheat the baby and Dr. said no way that the baby should not in any way be effected by night sweats. Wish I could tell all the newly preg. ladies that the night sweats stop, but for me I've had them since around wk. 8. Other than the sweats no problems at all, being preg. is alot easier than I expected.


Karen - May 11

Oh, thank goodness for this post...I am in 6th week, and have had night sweats for the past 2 nights. I wake up soaked and freezing cold. The only other time this ever happened to me was years ago when i had a bad infection, so I was concerned...I'm VERY happy to hear this is a common thing. Why doesn't anyone tell us this stuff?


Annette - May 12

I have had horrible night sweats for about a month and I am only 7 weeks. I was glad to read that it is not just me. I wake up soaked.


deborah - May 15

wow! how great is this to find that other people are sharing my experience. I don't know whether or not I am pregnant yet, but am really worried that I might not be because of having night sweats. Usually when I am about to have my period, I have a night or 2 of severe night sweats. The sweats over this past week haven't been as intense, but it's made me worry. I will find out if I'm pregnant on Wednesday the 18th, so we'll see. If I am, that means my sweats started at week one! I am actually a physician, and I really can't find any literature explaining sweating during pregnancy either. Sweating makes sense right before getting one's period, and during menopause, but other than that...I can't make sense of it. I will ask all my OB/GYNE friends. Wish me luck on Wed.


michele - May 18

Ladies, I am in my 5th week now, and still sweating. I am an epidemiologist and just spent the last half hour searching literature to find an a__sociation between night sweats and pregnancy. I couldn't find anything. But, what about panic attacks as a possible cause of night sweats? I found one study that reported a significant a__sociation between panic attacks and night sweats. I must admit, my pregnancy was not planned, and I have done quite a bit of panicking since I found out. Just a tab bit too nervous, I guess. But does this make sense to anyone?


Stacy - May 23

Thanks so much for the info! I'm just over 6 weeks and have had bad night sweats for a couple of days now. My biggest worry is that it could affect the baby - but seems from doctors' comments below that it's okay.



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