No Appetite 6 1 2w S

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mlg8 - January 20

For about the past week I have felt so naseaus that even the thought of food repulses me. I have vomited but not very often (twice in the am). I have hardly eaten enough to keep a bird alove the last week. Dr didn't seem too concerned about it. But I am. I literally haven't eaten enough to keep me alive let alone a baby. For ex: Yesterday I ate a couple pieces of cheese, about 1/4c of chicken soup and 1/2 a roll. Today: about 1/2c buttered noodles, 1 piece buttered toast and about 1/4 rice w/ some cheese. The rest of the week has been VERY similar. Is this normal to feel like sick that the HUGE lump in your throat won't even let food go down?


Val - January 21

I was one of those rare women with morning sickness until about 20 weeks. Starting around week 7, I just couldn't eat much. Occasionally I'd find some food that I really liked and could eat a fair amount, but usually I just ate really small portions of food. I gained a couple of pounds in late first trimester when I started to feel better, and then lost weight around weeks 17-19. I've only gained 5 lbs total in 22 weeks. My doctor kept rea__suring me and saying that the baby takes what it needs from your reserves. (I was about 15 lbs over my ideal weight before I got pg.) But it's important to try to take your prenatals and to keep hydrated. I did end up in the hospital needing fluids when I got a stomach virus about a month ago. Talk with your doctor and ask his/her opinion. Unisom was the only thing that helped my morning sickness - I took it on and off weeks 15-20 and just finally got off of it a couple of weeks back. Good luck...


Praying4ababy - January 22

Hey! I am sure you will be fine. Like Val said, the munchkin will take whatever s/he needs from your reserves. Not to mention at first, they don't really need that much. At least we know why DH was so sick I few weeks ago! I can't belieive you are 6.5 weeks already! Talk to you soon!


mlg8 - January 23

Hey T--how you feeling? Hope those 2 little beans are doing well. I actually went to the dr yesterday. I will email you the rest. You should be about 11w now right????



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