No Weight Gain

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Bee - April 22

I am 24 weeks pregnant woth my first baby. I have not gained any weight yet. In fact, I weigh 1 pound less than I did at my first pre-natal appointment. My eat a lot...and very healthy too. I take my prenatal vitamins everyday. All my prenatal tests come back normal. Everything seems to be going along fine. I am just concerned because I have always gained weight quite easily when I wasn't pregnant and now nothing. My doctor says not to worry that my baby is within a normal range for this stage. And as long as he is growing normally and I am eating healthy there is nothing to worry about. When other women ask me how much weight I've gained, and I say none, they give me the evil eye and say I must be doing something wrong. It upsets me. My mom sayes that they are probably just jealous cause they gained a lot weight during their pregnancy. Can someone else please tell me thier opinion.


Audrea - April 22

I would think the doctors know what they are talking about "most" of the time. I have also lost weight, around 10 pounds, but my doctor told me as long as the baby is growing all is okay and that the weight gain is more important later in the second trimester when the fetus has to put on fat under it's skin and it gets it from the mother and her nutrition status.


Candy - April 24

I would bet you'll gain a decent amount in your last few months. That's when the baby gains his/her weight. My friend hardly gained anything until later and she ended up gaining 30-35 pounds and delivered a healthy 10 pound baby. If your tests come back irregular, than I'd worry. As long as you are eating the right things and not too little your body will do the rest. Keep us posted.


Carie - April 24

I am 21 weeks, and I have only gained 3 pounds. My doc said everything looks good. As for the evil eye women, they are rude for asking you how much weight you have gained in the first place. Just tell the "enough".


MichelleB - April 25

I agree with all the comments. It will come. I was down 1 pound at about 19 weeks, then somehow at 23 weeks, i had gained 15lbs! I was shocked, but my dr said this is around the time you will see big gains. Congradulations on a happy healthy pregnancy!



Don't worry i am 20 weeks pregnant and i myself have not gain a pound my doctor also said as long as the baby is doing good.


Brittany - June 29

I gained 7 pounds my whole pregnancy. As long as your doctor says your ok, then your fine.


A - July 1

I wouldn't worry about it. I gained about 4 pounds by 10w and now I am a pound less than b4 I got pg and I am 18 w. I think it you start out a little overweight, sometimes your hormones work right. Just think- it will be easy to loose weight after you have the baby then.



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