Not Eating AT ALL Again

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sarah - November 13

i was also wondering if this was going to jepordize my own life and health???


Lisa - November 13

Well, you need food to survive...what do you think?


To Lisa: - November 14

Can you please be just a little nicer, geez! Sarah, talk to your dr regarding this matter, and he/she will give you instructions on what to do. How bad is the whole not eating thing? Are you at least getting some food? Try to drink a lot of fluids too, you don't want to become dehydrated. Good luck!


Lisa - November 14

I didn't mean it the way it came out..sorry. But you've got to admit; her question was fairly obvious. If she's not eating AT ALL ofcourse she is going to jeapordize herself and her child. The child takes everything from her first before her body has a chance to use it really. If there is nothing to take she is going to run herself down and fairly quickly.


Sarah - November 14

ok....u both are right. thank you. but my main question is, will this cause a miscarriage because the baby isnt getting enough nutrition?? i eat a banana every now and again, but is that enough?? please help


D~ - November 14

Sarah, what exactly are you eating throughout the day? What does your diet consist of? Bananas are great but not enough nutrients for the baby. I don't think this will result in miscarriage, however, it can cause low birth weight for the baby and that's not good at all. OJ has a lot of folic acid, vitamins why don't you try drinking some of that throughout the day. Are you taking any type of prenatal vitamin? Because if you are not you should start ASAP. Hope to hear back from you.......take care.


Amy - November 16

Sarah - are you not eating because you have a history of an eating disorder? I am a__suming you do. I think you need to talk to your doctor. Not only are you risking your health but also your babies health. Pregnancy is a hard on your body image even when you don't have an eating disorder.. so this is going to be tough for you. Maybe if you talk to your doctor he can recommend a nutritionist that you can see that will put you on a food plan so you are getting enough calories for you and the baby without putting a ton of weight on you either. This is my second pregnancy. I think I eat very well and exercise at least 4-5 days / week. I am thin to begin with and with my first pregnancy I gained 24 pounds. It came off easily within the first 3 months (I wasn't exactly trying to lose the weight because I was b___stfeeding and needed to eat a lot of calories). You need to put your baby's health first and not worry so much about your weight. PLEASE get help and talk to you doctor. ~ Good luck!!


To sarah - November 16

I think it is just ridiculous that someone would think that a banana every now and then is enough. I mean, give me a break! There are better ways to get rid of a baby then to try and starve yourself....I am a__suming this is your intention, since you only asked if not eating would cause a miscarriage and you are concerned with your own life and health first.....just sickening.


suzy - November 16

sarah I think you are full of c___p.



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