OB GYN Says I Need To Lose Weight At 33 Weeks Pregnant

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pregnant gal - November 3

I have gained about 35lbs thus far, which I know is a little too much. Being that I have been so sick I have gone from a rigorous daily gym routine to 2-3 times a week doing what my warm up used to be! I think I have made pretty good food choices except for a couple of indulgences that I allowed my emotional self to have. SO- now my doctor is calling me "grossly overweight" and says that I need to lose 1-2lbs/week for the remaining 7 weeks of pregnancy. Now this contradicts all of the medical journals I have read. He suggests 1000 calories/day and 1 hour of heavy cardio excercise. Anyone have any thoughts on this? I am a little perplexed at all of this.


Jane - November 3

My thought is to change doctors! I agree with you - it is contradictory to everything I have ever been told or read. I think you should listen to your own body in terms of calorie intake and exercise. Eat healthy foods if you are hungry and exercise moderately if you feel up to it as long as you don't get your heartrate or body temp up too high. Who really cares if you put on a bit of weight - as long as the baby is getting the very best, you can always lose the weight afterwards.


D. - November 4

That advice sounds not only incorrect but dangerous to me!!! 1000 calories is not enough to sustain a pregnant women and her baby and the heavy cardio exercise could also prove dangerous too. Moderate exercise or regular walking 30-60 minutes is how I was advised by my OB. I would definitely seek a second opinion on this.


sandi - November 7

I would change doctors or get a second opinion. The baby needs the nutrients. As long as you eat healthy and keep active you should be ok. The average weight gain in pregnancy is between 35 and 50 pounds. You will have plenty time to lose the weight afterwards


pregnant gal - November 7

Thanks, I realize that I have gained on the higher side than I should, but I have not been too disturbed about it because overall I am very healthy and went into this pregnancy in great physical shape. My blood pressure has been fine the whole time and there have been no complications other than severe morning sickness which I still have to counter act with 6 small meals a day. (I thought that would go away in the second trimester!) I know how to get back in shape and get it off, so while the numbers bother me a little, I know I will get my normal weight back eventually! It is a little late to change docs with my insurance, but I will be changing next year, believe me! I did try and lower my carbs this past week and eat a little more protien Without the carbs (fruits etc) I get very hypoglycemic. It's just not worth risking the health of the baby, I'll deal with weight later!


liz - November 7

check your doctors cred stats ASAP. I gained 60lbs during my first pregnancy and my doc never once even mantioned my weight gain. The side story to this is that I was on bed rest from 24 weeks on so I was eating alot and had no physical way of burning any of it. but even if I was able to be active I still can't emagine nor would I listen to someone even my doctor telling my loose at a time when I should be gaining like half a poind a week . Don't listen to this doctor and PS you can loos the weight after the baby is born so what's the rush?


TC - November 14

I have never heard anything like that before in my life!! I was 80lbs overweight when I became pregnant and I was still told to gain weight. In my first trimester I had a hard time gaining weight and was scolded by my doctor. She thought that I was trying to diet. 1000 calories a day does not sound sufficient considering while pregnant you need to increase your calorie intake. Please see another doctor and get a second opinion


Anne - November 16

Pregnant gal -- I agree with everyone else.. change doctors or ask him why. My doctor is not a firm believe in a lot of weight gain.. he wants you around 20-35 pounds. I am very thin to begin with and gained 23 with my first pregnancy. I think I had one month were I gained 8 pounds and he was like, "wow, you need to watch what you eat and eat healthy or this is going to be hard to lose." I don't really know why I gained so much in that month.. i didn't think I ate that much!! lol. However, I think if you eat healthy, your body will gain the right amount for you (I know friends that did different things throughout different pregnancies -- ie. eat healthy, exercise, not exercise) and they gained the same amount in all 3 pregnancies. I think it just depends on your body. However, I DO NOT think a doctor should be telling you to lose weight at any point in your pregnancy!!!


** - November 16

I'm 18 weeks and have already gained 15 lbs. I can't see myself only ganiing 5 until 40 weeks! My doctor says I'm fine!!


Mal - November 18

That's outragious!!! I totally agree with everyone else. Where is this doctor from? The day in age when women were put on "diets" during their pregnancies and forbidden to gain more than 12-15 pounds?? How absurd!! You are almost at the end of your pregnancy and it sounds to me like you have done well with your weight! Especially since you are in such good shape. Sounds like you know how to take care of yourself. Sorry it's too late to switch doctors....I definitely would if I could though! Heavy cardio excercise?????? What's he trying to do to you?? I am 34 wks pregnant w/ my first and have gained 24 lbs. My doctor always tells me I look great and my weight is perfect....they're supposed to be encouraging!!!! If you have to keep seeing this doctor, I definitely wouldn't do what he says (as far as this goes). How can he tell you you're "grossly overweight??" After your babies born, I would tell him where to go!! LOL Good luck girl!


Dana - November 18

Hi I am a nutritionist and it is not a good idea to start losing weight at 33 weeks nor is it a good idea to start a rigorist cardio workout. I put on 50 pounds with both of my pregnancies and I knew exactly what was healthy to eatr and what I should avoid. If the pounds are from too much suger, cut down. you still need to eat when you are hungry, that is your baby and your body talking to you.


Heather - November 19

with my first child i was gaining around the same amount as you. my doctor told me it was fine just try to cut down. dieting and starving during pregnancy is not good. these last weeks are when your baby is going to gain 1 pound a week up until birth,so just think its the baby these next weeks gaining not you.


Heidi - November 28

I am also 33 weeks and I have gained 30 lbs so far. I also used to be so active and now feel like I can hardly move. If my doctor told me what yours did I would tell her she is nuts! 1000 calories at this stage of the game and cardio??? NO WAY! Eat up and enjoy the last 7 weeks if you possible can. If your blood pressure and sugar levels are intact then you have nothing to worry about. We are almost to the home stretch..no pun intended! And by the way, if your OBG is a man tell him that when he gets pregnant he can comment on calories!!! Good luck!



to pregnant gal- I posted this on another thread, but I too was worried about my weight gain, so I did some internet research, and found 2 websites that said you should never go on a diet while pregnant b/c as your body breaks down fats..ketones are released (which are basically stored toxins), and too much exposure to ketones can cause brain damage in the baby (mental retardation). so my advice to you is to get a new doc and/or just ignore what he says, and wait till after you have your little one to diet.


mary beth - December 8

I can't believe a doctor is telling you to diet on 1,000 cal's/day and do 1 hour of exercise!!! lord, when I went on a diet in the past (while NOT pregnant)..I didn't even go that extreme!!! Whoever your doc is should be turned in to the state bord to have his/her liscense revoked!!


kellie - December 18

yeah, please change your dr. im 33 and i have gained 39 pounds and my dr sd alot is water weight , because i havent been eating that much and everything else came back normal.


meg - December 20

to pregnant gal- first of all to ease your mind 35lbs at 33 weeks is not that bad. I know doc's say 25 to 35lbs total is best, but I know sooo many women who have gained over that. You are far enough along that you probably wont gain a whole lot more. They even say the last 2 to 3 weeks most women either totally stop gaining weight or even loose 2 to 3lbs before giving birth. I am really having a hard time believing that a doctor said this to you. Definately either talk to your doc or else switch.



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