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mona - July 8

if i m overwright than usal weight for my height. what care i have to take during my pregnancy.


kathy - July 8

i am overwieght can i still have a baby


HELLO!!!! - September 17

Look around you. I'd be surprised if you didn't see any overweight women with babies and children. Your weight can affect your monthly cycles though and if that's the case it can cause difficulty conceiving.


Heebee Geebee - December 17

I had pre-eclampsia and was told to monitor weight gain, blood pressure and salt intake. Keep an eye on your BP -my baby was induced in the 28th week as a result of my BP going out of control.


amy - January 17

i am pregnant and i wieght 240 i was woundering if it can lead to real probblems and what i can to for it ??? thank you amy


sheena - May 10

Iam 250 pounds and want to have a baby is it safe


Lisa - May 16

The research I have done says you can the only issue is sometimes it leads to additional complications like gestational diabetes, etc. But overweight women do it all the time. I am not obese but probably a good 40 lbs over my ideal weight; I am 6 weeks now and staying positive and looking forward to this experience.


kkk - May 18

i AM 250 now and 20 weeks. I had being overwieight and pregnant! It is terrible. I am having no health problems, but I feel awful. I nver wanted to be fat and pregnant, but I can't do anything about it now. What sucks is that there are no clothes out there for fat pregnant woman.!! I can't belive how big my b___sts have gotten. So shirts are very hard for me to find. Then I have to make sure I have 3/4 sleeves cause my arms are really large. Terrible. I don't recommned anyone get pregnant if they are overweight. Loose weight first and make sure you take your pre-nate vitamins. Good luck.


Lily - May 18

I am 200 lbs, and 16 weeks pregnant. My doctor advised me to keep active, because it's a lot more important for "over-weight" women who are pregnant. Just even a 15 minute walk a day is great. I haven't had any terrible "side effects" or "problems", although I am told that there is a higher risk for c-sections in larger women. The major problem that I'm finding now is that there are no good places to find plus-size maternity clothing. In fact I've already experienced absolutely poor customer service at one online store. Especially when it comes to larger bras and comfortable fitting pants or shorts. At my last doctors visit, I actually was told that I had LOST wieght from 205, down to 200. Which isn't very significant, but any more and it could cause problems (or so I'm told.). There is absolutely NO excuse why a woman cannot get pregnant if she is over weight. However, it is advisable to talk with your physician first, for advise on fertility and anything you can do to loose a few pounds (if you choose to) before actively trying to concieve. Good Luck Ladies, Baby Dust To Everyone!


caroline - May 19

i am roughly 180lbs is this still safe to have a baby i am only 5 weeks preggers and i have lost around 15 lbs before hand, can i still loose a few pounds now.


Mimi - May 19

I too am about 250 and 22 weeks along. I hate it. I wouldn't advise anyone to get pregnant while being overweight. As stupid as it sounds I would loose the weight first then get pregnant. I can't find clothes either. I have been going on-line to JCPenneys and they have a great Maternity Bra section. I was having trouble with my size so I ordered different sizes and had them shipped to me, tried them on and the ones that didn't fit I sent back! No going to stores and feeling uncomfortable. Plus going to the store, you will find out if your big busted, that they don't carry larger than a 42DD. Bigger than that and you have to order on-line or through a catalog!! For shirts I am on-line looking at a few different sites. They are not maternity but larger clothes makers. Try roamans.com, or lanebryantcatalog.com, or jessicalondon.com. You really have to look for nice, up to date clothes, and you can even order a catalog to be sent to you, which has a better selection, I think. Hope this helps>


lynnstress - May 27

I'm 12 wks and 240 lbs. Just eat sensibly, gain enough weight for baby, and listen to your doctor. I found plus size maternity clothes at Target and at Motherhood Maternity. I complained at Lane Bryant and asked them why they DON'T have maternity clothes. They agreed. I have a friend who sews and offered to put maternity panels into any pants or shorts I have. I'm going to give her my knit pants from Wal-Mart (they cost under $10 per pair) to make into maternity. I will still buy some maternity jeans, though.


Georgia - July 22

hi im 27 weeks today i am 5'7 i was 147 lbs when we conceived i am now 196 and hate it i gained alot in my thighs and arms and face i don't eat that much but i do not excersize i have 2 other kids i gained a lot of weight with them also 3 more months im scared im going to get up to 240 its hard to walk plus i feel gross


dee - July 24

I am 5 "7" I just found out i am 18 weeks pregant with my first child i am 215 lbs how will this affect my pregancy and what are the risks


kellybelly - July 25

In the last 2 months Ive put on 15 more lbs and now I find out Im 9 wks pregnant... Is there anyways to lose that weight while Im pregnant????


Tammy - August 29

I have heard that you just need to make sure you watch what you eat. Make sure that you walk regularly, if the doctor okays it. It will help.


Tess - October 25

Im 180 lbs, 5'4. I would consider myself overweight....I lost 10 lbs prior to becoming pregnant. I am now 10w4d and I feel fine. (cross fingers) I took a glucose test and I got some abnormal results so now they want me to come in and do the 3 hr glucose test again........w/ this one they would be able to diagnosed me if I have normal glucose or if I have gestational diabetes. I am scared as hell....Im doin alot of reading n stuff. Best of luck to everyone!



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