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Lucy L - November 8

I've been craving pickles like crazy. I'm going on my 8th week and just this past Sat I had 4 pickles back to back. Is this bad?


E - November 9

It can be if you eat them by the jars. They are very high in sodium.


estee - November 16

hmmmm pickles... loooove pickles, hmmmmm....


Tracey - November 18

Nope, not gonna hurt you. Just make sure to try to get a bunch of other nutrients into your system as well. Also, E was right, they are very high in sodium, so just make sure you're drinking about 10 gla__ses of water per day to flush all that salt out. Happy pickle eating!


sveta - December 16

Lucy its not bad i have been eating them like crazy about a can and can't get enough so yeah its not that bad but hang in there.


Lori - January 27

I don't get it I always ate pickles and pickled eggs by the ton and now that I am pregnant I can't even smell them without throwing up. I am jealous. I have been craving weird things like sugar snap peas and broccoli.


Jenpar - February 20

Hey don't worry, I am in my 9th week and I have been having the same craving of pickles. I even made my husband go out and buy me some of my favorite pickles.


Kelly - March 10

For about 2 months I was having one pickle every night religiously. Now I am off the pickle thing.


zahra - June 28

dear sir please describe for me about use of pickles in pregnancy. your sincerely


Jessica F. - June 28

On the contrary. Pickles are actually good for you but they are high in sodium. My grandmother swears by pickle juice. Says it soothes the stomach maybe that's why all these pregnant women are craving them?? HMMM I never did crave pickles though


Lynn - June 29

I know lost of people who use pickles/pickle juice to help with an upset stomach. It really works. they are High in sodium though. I ate them by the jar all the time until I found out I have pregnancy induced hypertension and now I have to monitor my sodium intake. I will usually eat 1/3 of a pickle now though.


Jessie V - June 29

I also crave pickles. I only want Deli ones they are alot bigger. I also LOVE Lay's dill pickle chips.


song - June 24

I'm craving for pickles!! Just a a couple days ago I had 3 jars of pickle, even drank the pickle juice, but now that I found I was 5 weeks pregnant my husband forbid me from eating pickles! He thinks its a bad for the baby's health. Is it?



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