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charlotte - March 7

Help I am just about 30 my skin has never been 100% but now in week 5 it is breaking out like never before, has any one had this, how did you fix it, HELP


Kim - March 8

Charlotte, there are some great posts about this on some of the other boards. I am in the exact same situation as you are right now. I am using Cetaphil cleansers and will occasionally use topical clindamycin on the pimples themselves. I work with Dermatologists and both they and my ob/gyn have told me that this is safe. Others on here have used a variety of products which have helped them. I think that those posts are on General Pregnancy ?'s and/or Signs of Pregnancy if you want to read them. Good luck!


jen - March 19

oh my god!! its like being 14 again!! getting them on the tops of my arms to. yuk!


Raeanne - March 29

Oh man!!! Jen is right I feel like i'm back to my days of puberty. I have them on my back and my arms. I wash my back face and arms with clearasil. My face looks great but there will be no tank tops for me this summer. lol.


Lauren - September 27

Proactive , Nature's cure (with oral tablets), avoid chocolate!!! , and Acne Free ,Neutrogena Acne Mark fading peel, Neutogena complete acne care system ONE OF THOSE IS BOMB TO WORK GIRL IM TELLIN YA!


Kelly - October 8

I broke out so bad on by back it was like puberty all over again. Disgusting. They hurt too! Anyway. I thought it was just stress but it turns out I am preganant and didn't realize it.


Lisa - October 8

I was too. None of my other products I normally had worked so I went out and bought that Creme de la Mer face cream and my face has clearned right up. I get a little tiny one every now and then but nothing like before. For my body I bought a new sponge (you know the man made ones that use for the shower) and I started using that incase there was any bacteria on the old one and a thing for my back as well. It really made a difference, I find my skin is more sensitive now.


Amber - October 19

I have never had pimples on my back or arms or my neck!! But now they are going crazy!! I am 14 weeks and i am excited about the baby to be here already to get rid of these horrible pimples!! They are very embara__sing and painful! My fiancee just laughs at me and tries to pop them!!


ronni - October 19

I too have terrible pimples all over my face. It is so awful. i dont usually break out! I have used pro activ before and it works great, i think i am going to try it again. good luck :)


Michelle - October 24

I'm 31 and 14 weeks pregnant. I'm breaking out with pimples. I haven't dealt with pimples like these!! I've got them on my back, and now on the side of my face, and my forehead. I just bought ProActive hopefully that stuff will clear it right up!! (crossing fingers)


Ronni - October 26

michelle- did you try the proactiv. I am curently using it and it has definitly helped clear up my pimples.


MOLLY - November 4



jaime - November 5

I have heard that proactiv and acnefree are not suppose to be used if you are pregnant. I'm going to ask my doctor for sure when I see her in another week. I am breaking out so bad and I'm only a little over 5 weeks.


Lisa - Ti Jaime - November 6

Hi Jamie! I feel for you honey; I was there too. Early on I was breaking over everywhere. I'm almost in my 23rd week now and I hardly ever get them anymore. I've been pimple free now for about 5-7 weeks. I was getting them on my face, my chest and back...it was gross. I left a post above on what I did and you will also have to wait it out as well as your hormones are working over drive right now and I don't believe anything will cure them fast.


Heather - November 17

I am suffering with the same problem and I was told by my doctor that I can't use my Pro Active during pregnancy or Acne Free. I also can't use any products with salicylic acid which is an ingredient in some of the products mentioned. PLEASE read all the ingredients before you use a product. Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic acid are not supposed to be used while pregnant! I know a lot of the neutrogena and clearasil products have them in them. Anyway, I have found that the purpose cleanser in the bottle works best for me along with microdermabrasion. I have also found that it is improving in my second trimester thank goodness!


Jessica - November 26

I am have pimples all over the side of one of my legs and need help-i am 32 weeks along but nothing works. Any suggestions???


Sophie - December 12

Honey I had the worst acne of my life up til like 7 months. Try Clindamycin Phosphate Gel, and don't pop your existing zits. Try as hard as you can to leave them alone and let them heal. It's just hormones. But I am sorry, I remember how ugly and frustrated I felt through my zitty period.



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