Please Help Me Why Do I Feel Dizzy During The Day

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Maureen - August 5

Hi all, I am now 23 weeks pregnant and was wondering why I get out of breath so eaisly now, and also, sometimes have dizzy spells where don't feel like I'm going to faint just dizziness. Like this afternoon, I was painting my Canvas,(Art) and was out of breath very soon after. Is there a diet I can eat to counterbalance this?? Do I need more protien or Iron? PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME, thank you.


Val - June 27

I had this problem quite bad pregnancy around especially. I started feeling better once I got the iron levels in my blood elevated. Hopefully your already taking a prenatal vitamin. If not start there. If you r then get an iron pill to help you out.


Shelly - June 28

Are you using oil or acrilic paints? Fumes can be a problem. Does this only happen whil you are painting? Dizziness can also be caused by dehydration. Especially in the summer you need to be sure you are drinking enough water. Other drinks such as soda can make you feel like you are drinking enough when they actually cause you to be more dehydrated. There is no subst_tute for water. Keeping nuts nearby so that you can eat them quickly can also help this kind of problem if you are already hydrated. as Val says, being low on iron can cause you to be tired. If you need more iron, and your body doesn't tolorate iron pills well, 1 tablespoon of blackstrap mola__sas a day should do the trick. Also make sure to take your prenatal vitamins every day. If none of this helps, takl to your doctor about having a blood test to check out your thyroid function. Thryoid problems can start durring pregnancy. Good luck.


brittany - July 31

What can I do and eat when feeling dizzy? What is the treatment?


nicole - August 5

i feel dizzy nothing is spinning around but i feel dizzy when i get out of the bed and same thing when iam outside. can you help me what is it the problem please iam pregant? email me back sincelery Nicole



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