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Anna - October 4

I am in my first trimester and I wanted to get an idea of what you ladies are eating throughout a regular day.Here is an example day for me> I am 4 weeks 4 days pregnant Bkfst: bowl of Special K with lowfat milk Snack: Yoplait smoothie Lunch: Sesame Chicken Lean Cuisine and a mini bagel with peanut butter and jelly on it Snack: Cheese Sandwich on honey wheat bread with light mayo Snack: 100 cal pack cheese zip crackers Dinner( I eat at 11 pm bc of my work schedule) Chicken or lean meat and rice wth salad and salad dressing What do you guys think? I havent stepped on the scale but I feel like I already gained 3 pounds in the week since I have known I am pregnant I used to eat very light and had just finished losing close to 30 lbs. Im now worried about eating my dinner late at night- is that going to make me gain even though it is healthy? I am not able to exercise as much as I used to bc the dr wants me to slow down my intensity of my workouts. Im so worried I am going to gain a lot of wieght. Last time I gained about 55 pounds, but I was eating Burger King all the time and rice pudding and little debbie snacks and not working out at all. I wonder if I have a chance at keeping my weight gain to less than 40 pounds?


Lisa - October 5

What am I eating? Hmm...asian pears, oranges, apples, yogurt, cottage cheese, chicken and steak, pork, kimchi, bulgogi with lettuce and sesame leaves, garlic, potatoes, whole wheat pastas, peanut b___ter, whole wheat breads, rice, 100% bran cereal, fruit loops, special k, lots of juices, milk and water..and ofcourse I have sweets as well. I eat pretty well and don't deprive myself of anything.


rachel - October 29

your body's signals will be your best clue. eat when you are hungry and eat enough. Never overeat and you'll be fine. I just had my first 2 months ago. gained 20 pounds through pregnancy.


Tess - November 1

Im 11w4d usually for bfast I eat cereal w/ whole milk, then snack time either a fruit (any) or baby carrots/cheese then lunch I usually have rice w/ something else and water for my drink snack time I have some fruit again or I have some crackers then for dinner red meat, green leafy veggies, juice or water then a lil light snack b4 I go to bed.


Yasmin Jorge - November 1

Hi Anna -- I'm 15 weeks pregnant and have gained 10 lbs. My OB is content with my weight gain as I was slightly underweight to start. She said I could gain up to 40 lbs. Breakfast: fruit salad (cut up cantaloup, banana, grapes and strawberries) topped with 1/2 cup of lowfat vanilla yogurt and a handful of Captain Crunch cereal. Lunch: turkey and cheese sandwich made at home to avoid overeating big deli versions, a small salad w/ non-fat dressing and 8 oz gla__s of skim milk or calcium fortified oj. Snack: home made trail mix of dried fruit, mixed nuts and candy corn. Dinner: marinated grilled chicken b___st, my husband's Mexican dip (lowfat cream cheese, refried beans, salsa and mixed shredded cheese) with a small bowl of corn chips, salad, and a cannoli. I also have one cup of coffee - 1/2 decaf and 1/2 caf - and 8 gla__ses of water a day and my prenatal vitamin. In addition, I remain active depending on my energy level. Typical day is 90 minutes of walking with my three dogs and 40 minutes either on the tread climber, run and speed walk, or lifting weights at the gym -- 5 days of formal exercise. So far I feel good. Nobody believes that I've gained 10 lbs already. I was always active pre-pregnancy and will engage in exercise safely and as much as I can during my pregnancy.


Mercedes - November 2

Hi Anna, don't despair...Here is what I eat on an average day: BF: 2 large platefuls of oatmeal cooked in 1.5% soymilk, 1 or 2 slices of bread with some sort of spread, cheese, salad, 1 banana, 1 apple. Lunch: 6-8 pancakes with hot chocolate powder, jam, peanut b___ter and/or more bread, large salad with oil and vinegar. Snack: icecream, peanuts with honey, yogurt with cereal (about two cups and as much cereal as I fancy, sometimes half a box in one go..). After about 4 o'clock, however, I try to have fruit only...I'm 9.5 wks, and I've put on around 6-7 lbs already, which is not great, but I don't think I should worry about it at this stage, either...I'm still active though (not as much as I used to be before), I run 3-4 times a week (7.3 miles each time), I bike and walk. Don't get too stressed, just eat what you fancy (within reason), try to avoid junk, and worry about weight issues after giving birth...Good luck!


Stephanie - November 2

Hi Anna, Great question- I too was wondering, but everyone's body is different. I am an avid weight trainer, walker, cardio,etc- about 5 days a week. In a typica, day I eat around 2100 calories. I am not a counter, but as an Sports Fitness Trainer I have to be up with the nutrition too. I eat loads of green veggies, fruits like apples and pears, beans, salmon,cottage cheese, yams. Pretty simple and basic diet plan. I am 13 weeks and have gained only about 3 pounds. I feel muschy though and less fit, but I know this will all be worth it. Take care and have a healthy pregnancy.


H - December 19

For breakfast I eat oatmeal made with skim milk and a cheese slice. For my mid-morning snack I eat an orange and a handful of nuts. For lunch I usually eat chicken salad sandwich or homemade turkey chili or stir fry. For dinner I usually make fajitas or stir fry or chicken b___sts with rice and a romaine type salad etc. I try to drink a lot of water throughout the day and always have one very tall gla__s of skim milk per day. I try to sqeeze in extra fruit and veggies when I can as well. My diet varies quite a bit but I try to avoid all juice, pop and sugary type foods...


Wow - December 21

You ladies make me feel guilty, You all eat so healthy.


Steph - December 21

I'm 10 weeks 5 days and I have lost six pounds since my last doctors visit and I have not had any morning sickness. I eat M-F the same breakfast, one package of oatmeal, lunch cottage cheese with a few crackers or one cup of tomato soup with crackers, and for dinner I have cooked veggeis (green and red peppers, mushrooms, onions, and squash). I normally don't have any snacks because I've had a hard time eating, but when I do it's cheese flavored rice cakes. Yum!! During the weekends I usually eat waffels for breakfast salad for lunch and salad or veggies for dinner. I've had a pretty strong aversion to meat, so I get protein from eating eggs in salads.


Jenny - December 21

Steh.....Why do you eat the same things everyday????Just wandering.


Steph - December 22

I'm a weird creature of habit I suppose!! LOL. If I find something easy and quick to eat, I stick with it. I have no idea why!! I think I'm just weird.


Jenny - December 22

That is sooooo weird and funny!!!!!!Well good luck to ya!!!!


C - December 27

Whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. My doctor didn't yell until I was about to go into my third trimester. I gained 55 pounds total. I have 10 pounds left to lose and my son is 8 months old. I figure I can tell you what I eat since I'm b___stfeeding and you actually are supposed to eat more while b___stfeeding as opposed to just formula feeding. I have calcium OJ with an english muffin with PB for breakfast. An hour or two later I have an apple or banana. For lunch I usually have a six inch sub with turkey or chicken (yes I have mayo), afternoon snack is normally somehthing with calcium and protein (normally an ensure or other protein shake) and a piece of fruit. Dinner varies but normally pasta with cheese and vegetables.


bump - January 17

im 14 weeks and eat all day everyday.......i havent lost nor put on any weight and i havent had any morning sickness in this pregnancy yet, im also stress free. i eat about every hour and its a 50/50% chance that its gonna be healthy or not......depends on what i have in the cupboard at the time.


Annemarie - January 17

Hello Anna, Before I was pregnant I used to be slightly underweight as I used to exercise every day and eat very carefully. During the first few weeks of my pregnancy I couldnt stop eating and I put on more weight than average (6 kg). However, the doctor told me this was my body's way of saying it needed catching up and that i did not need to worry about it. After a few weeks i was not as hungry anymore and now thsi is my typical diet: breakfat: 1 yoghurt with crusli. snack fruit salade. lunch: 3 slices of bread with cheese a yoghurt and fruit juice. snack: slice cake or similar. dinner: 3 slices bread with cheese and cuc_mber ( still feel sick after 15 weeks so cant stomach much else) i then fill myself up with fruit juices.. You can exercise as much as you feel is good. just listen to your body. my runs are much slower now and i dont go as much as i did before simply because my body doesnt want to. I am worried sometimes and scared of losing the control i used to have but the baby is number 1 priority ;-)


krc - January 20

I had a huge appet_te the first 8 weeks. I ate huge meals almost every 2 hours and snacked in between. I was never satisfied and oddly enough I actually lost 3 pounds. But now im 12 weeks and im eating normal again. I eat hashbrowns for breakfast every morning. snack of fruit or candy at work, drink water, lots of subway for lunch, and dinner. Usually a meat, veggie, and a starch. Actually I have bad eating habits. I eat veggies maybe twice a week. I think im gonna start making veggie drinks with the juice extractor so I can make up for the loss of nutrients. I dont eat alot of junk though. I hate veggies. I basically eat as healthy as possible without veggies. I dont eat anything dairy or drink milk, no microwave foods, no canned foods. Basically if it is man made I avoid it. Everything must be fresh. Fresh veggies ( when I do eat them ) , fresh herbs, lots of fruit, fresh squeezed fruit juice. nuts & seeds, old fashioned oats, no sodas, chips, . Im hooked on gummy worms though !!!



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