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T - November 19



E - November 19

Are you overindulging in junk food or fatty foods? Tell us more about your diet and then we may better a__sist:)


christie - November 21

you should feel completely normal. I know MANY girls who have gained that month or more by the middle of their seconed trimester. everyone is different... just make sure you are eating healthy, getting a little excercising and drinking plenty of water. its as easy as that... it thats what your doing don't worry. worry about weight after the baby is born


michelle - November 26

will cellulite go away after birth?


kelly gotsch - December 18

i'm 6 weeks pregant and noticed i spotted today what does that mean


Colleen - December 18

You should NOT worry. The #1 priority for you should be your babys development and not fitting into that recommended guideline for weight gain. Our course none of us want to b__w up but as long as you are eating healthy food (for the most part) and getting some exercise DONT WORRY girlfriend!!! I've said it can ALWAYS lose weight but you CANT go back on the fact that your baby isnt healthy because your #1 concern was gaining weight!!


l - December 28

i'm 8 weeks and was wondering what excercise can i do


tammy - January 9

i 'm 20 weeks and i was wanting to know if it is o.k. to weigh 98 pounds.


Nick - January 12

I am also 8 weeks and was told by both of my doctors and my trainer at the gym that I can do just about anything they I feel comfortable doing.


Amber - January 17

As far as exercising, just be careful not to overdo it. I still run on the treadmill and use the elliptical machines all the time. I am just more aware of my limits, and realize I can't do the same amount of time or intensity I did before I was pregnant. The main thing is to not overdue it.


when i lay down on my back - April 19

i'm 26 weeks pregant when i lay down my stomach is flat, when i get up my stomach looks huge , is that normal.


if i dont gain much weight - April 19

what will happen if i dont gain much weight while im pregant since i been to the doctor i gain 4 pounds i dont know how much i weight now is it possible that my baby it's all my food im 26 weeks pregant


lorraine - June 30

could I still get pregnant if I got my tubes tied?


khamphat - July 24

how do you know if your pregnant


janet fuatogi - July 27

hey, my name is janet i am 19 years of age. i now live in sydney australia with good friends of mine. i went out with a guy for 3 months and i just recently had s_x with him i think about 2 weeks ago and i think im pregant. im not quite sure if i am and i havent seen a doctor yet. im really upset and hurt because i really dont wont this baby and i know for a fact that i cant afford to raise a child right now please help me....thankyou


shannon - August 24

I am 7 months an and i look like i am only 4 months and i am not gaining any weight i still can wear my normal clothes and they are a size 5 6 and a small in shirts is this a problem because with my daughter i was huge


Tammie - August 24

Cut out excess bread or switch to whole wheat products.... That might help...



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