Pregnancy And Diet Pills

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Debra - February 1

Is it safe to take diet pills while pregnant and if not what are the side effects


E - February 2

Debra, this is not the place for such an important question. I do not mean to be rude, but shouldn't you speak with your physician about this?


Rachel - February 2

No. They are not safe. Besides, your baby needs lots of nutrition from food. You should talk with your doctor if you are concerned about your weight. You shouln't try to lose weight during pregnancy, but if you are overweight you should definately be carefull not to gain too much. You will be able to diet after baby arrives, and if you b___stfeed, it will help you lose weight faster. Good luck :)


Phoebe - March 2

Hey Debra! Vanity of weight went out the window when you got pregnant. Unless you were exercising, before that is about the only safe thing to continue while you are pregnant (within limits) The diet pills contain a lot of things that may be harmful to you when you are not pregnant further more not. Maybe you can try to stick to tons of healthy food... a lot of fruits... that 5 a day thing... which I can't personally do, but if you can afford to... it's a good thing. You can worry about losing weight after your baby... and chasing him or her around will help a lot to. Don't risk the health of your baby.


naomi - March 2

NO NO NO No drug, medicine or herbal pill is 100 persent safe during pregancy.You must see your doctor first, some herbal diet pills have high amounts of vitamins and plant products that can be harmful to your baby. Pregnancy is not the best time to diet, but is a great time to eat well and exersize. if you avoid fatt, white carbs and sugar and eat wholemeal bread, grains, and brown rice you can avoid putting on large amounts of weight, as these carbs are mostly fibre so they will not be stored in your body, they contain more goodness for your baby and full you up more than white carbs.And will find it much easier to lose it after pregnancy. NEVER PUT ANYTING IN TO YOUR MOUTH THAT YOU ARE NOT 100% SURE ABOUT ask your doctor.


pregogirl - March 3

everyone is rite, just stay away from simple carbs, no breads or pastas or candy/desserts eat veggies fruit and protien and prenatals. you should be fine. and as for name E that person is rude and does not need to make such rude remarks.


Lissa - March 15

Some of you are rude! I took diet pills in my early pregnany (when I didn't know I was pregnant) and I was concerned about that.


misti - April 28

that is what i want to know!


Desparate Mom - May 2

Unfortunaltely, I have the same problem, I just had a baby 5 months ago and I stopped b___stfeeding at 4 mths. I started taking Cortislim. The past two days I 've been feeling weird and since i have been on a "special" birth control for nursing moms, I thought, let me just make sure. Two test late I am pregnant and very scared that I have created some harm to me fetus. If anyone has any experience on this please HELP!!! God knows I would of never thought with those pills I could get pregnant so soon.


csl - May 21

i am 7mths prenant and take stacker 2 im not for sure about side effects


Harris - May 25

It isn't even safe to diet during pregnancy. I agree with E, this is a question for your Dr.


Tami - May 31

This is NOT a stupid question. Unfortunately, pregnancy causes a rise in low-self esteem, and also causes many women to have poor body image. We all want to stay slim. Dieting, and diet pills are often shown as the only way to obtain that image. Why not want to stay beautiful even during pregnancy? It should be common sense that dieting is not healthy for the baby during pregnancy. However, I was always taught that NO question was a stupid question. I would like to tell LISA that she is as insensitive as a woman could be, and also, I pray that she never tries to raise a child. Her child would probably grow up to be as ignorant as her. Oh, and even though a woman may be "fat" while pregnant, how dare you say that they will only be "fatter" after pregnancy. That couldn't be more un true! I have a name for you, and it's not very nice, so I won't say it. TAMI


Jane - June 5

I don't think you are suppose to diet while pregnant. It will hurt your baby.


ANIGE - June 7



E - June 8

Like I said, I was not trying to be rude to the OP. The only people I think deserve a rude remark are those that give medical advice with NO QUALIFICATIONS to do so. Unless Debra is under your care, you should refer her to her doctor. Some of you are the rude and INSENSITIVE ones. How you can feel comfortable telling Debra that it is or is not okay to diet is a mystery. I never said it was a stupid question, either. It is a great question, for her doctor.


Zureens - June 16



Sue - July 11

WHat can happen if you took Phentermine in the very first 2 weeks you got pregnant. It was only 2 pills on 2 different days?



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